Shades of Amber

A Big Black Hole
Session 37 Notes by GM

~ Julian crowned King of Amber

~ Treyvan shows sign of being a Sparky

~ Tristan transforms into Satyr for a while in the abyss.

Using trumps the party entered the Abyss in order to retrieve Excalibur and Nightwind. Through various comings and goings first Scarlette’s sword was retrieved from a yellow eyed abyssal knight, and then Morgana Evangeline and Tamiina bartered Morgana’s sword for a trump allowing Osric out of the Abyss.

~ Julian intends to seal Amber away while it rebuilds.

Undying Flame
Session 36 Notes by GM

A peace treaty was negotiated by Morgana and Evangeline between Amber and Chaos.

House Jesby fell to the Sparkies.

Eden returned to Ilayne from a fiery reflection of Amber beneath Kolvir.

Prince Hendrake slew Prince Channicut.

The ritual of the Key was enacted to retrieve Tamiina from the Abyss (as well as her mother’s body). During the ritual “Sparkies” appeared and attacked, but were fended off. At the same time Demon’s assaulted Thelbane. The party escaped via trump to Caine.

The Chalice
Session 35: Notes by GM

Azreal, Evangeline and Kisten successfully acquire an island, (using funds garnered from piracy), and float said island through the magnetic storm in which Mordecai is believed to be imprisoned. Traversing this construct appears to be similar to walking the pattern and when Evangeline, and Kisten reach the center they find a glowing red light and retrieve Mordecai. Merlin was also present though he was unfortunately caught in the same trap as Mordecai. Sending Mordecai and Merlin out through Haven, Kisten partook from the red light and then brought Evangeline out of the strange location.

Ilayne traveled to House Helibore where she exchanged her and Tristan’s (Ivy’s) pendants for Deykin’s body which she then reunited with its essence. Grateful for his revival Deykin then summoned the living shadow named Hunger to defeat a Chanicut army that was besieging Ilayne’s duchy.

Morgana continued her research at House Helgram into the “disappearance” of Tamiina as well as methods for retrieving her. Having enlisted the aid of a young wizard named Morgana her next step is to visit Thelbane and convince Mandor to give her access to the Room of the Undying Flame so as to end the Ritual Tamiina had invoke (thus restoring the memories etc. that had been erased).

Sparks and Trumps
Session 34: Notes by GM


Many Amberites are invited to discuss the translation of a spelled letter from Mandor. This letter appears to be a request or demand for peace. A reference to an unheard of accord cause the family to decide to do further research into what may be behind the letter.

An additional attempt was made to gather Evangeline and Merlin’s “Sparks”. This attempt was not successful. With Morgana’s help Merlin escaped danger and was able to trump out, while Evangeline and Azreal escaped through Haven and then erased the door behind them. Julian Ivy and Dominic dealt with the remaining sparks as best they could.

Kisten attempted to gather support for a rescue of Mordecai. Unfortunately several attacks ended in engine damage as well as an accidental train summoning by Azreal. A new plan put forward by Evangeline would use a moving island rather than an airship and the pair of them intend to commence work on that.

Both Morgana and Dominic went to chaos, Morgana to begin research at House Helgram and Dominic to confer with his father. Caine showed Dominic a disturbing army appeared to be lead by the strange light creatures attacking a Chaos House. Caine claims that House Jesby succeeded in opening a gateway to Bright, which is now being utilized by these forces to invade its ways.

Ilayne’s attempt to gather Deykin’s essence ended in conflict. Merlin was monitoring the essence and defending it with the Eidolon. After several warnings Merlin and Naomi attacked Ilayne, Tristan and Rhoswen in an attempt to halt their efforts. This ended in a stalemate, Merlin having Deykin’s essence and Tristan having Naomi by the throat. Merlin decided to trade the essence for Naomi and allowed her to depart.

Embers of Amber
Session 28-33 Notes by GM

Session 28:

Donovan arrives at Ilayne’s victory party in chaos saying that he knows where Kisten is and that he’s being held prisoner. Azreal is met in a magitech shadow which exists in a “dip” in shadow that is remarkably difficult to walk to. Kisten is captured in a strange shadow anomaly in the center of this shadow, or perhaps outside of shadow. The party rescues him from this strange warren of bright tunnels, and have a brief encounter with Deykin (his captor).

Session 29-30:

The party enters Amber to place trump gates for an invasion to oust the dragon and her spawn from Amber. The dragon itself is lured from Amber to be captured by the Eidolon but Deykin arrives and coopts the attempt, instead sending the Dragon to chaos. With the Dragon gone Amber is successfully recaptured, though Ilayne’s brother Taim was nearly killed in the attempt.

Session 31-32:

Strange creatures of light seem to be hunting items of power called Sparks, an attempt is made on both Evangeline and Morgana, both of whom are in possession of Pattern swords.


Beneath a swirling sky at the very door step of the courts of chaos the family of Amber gathered and faced the second coming of a storm of chaos. Some who were there had seen it once before, for most the terrifying sight was new and unfamiliar. Still even as the storm bore down upon them there was hope. They stood amongst the ruins of a chaos force sent to destroy them and they had stood together and endured.

In his black hand Julian held the Jewel of judgement that his daughter Morgana had delivered to him, racing in upon Morganstern a mere half hour before the storm would sweep down upon them The Jewel flashed and the storm seemed to surge in time with it as Julian raised it above his head. As the storm came and broke like a wave upon the edge of the abyss it was as if it had been cleaved by a great sword dividing it around the Amberites before dissipating to nothing. Behind the storm, reality reasserted itself shadow sliding back into place. Evangeline had succeeded, the Pattern and Order had been restored.

A collective feeling of victory seemed to spread through those present, and a great cheer rung out. The elder generation, whom had not come together for centuries gathered about Julian then. While several were absent, but for the brothers and sisters who were there it seemed differences would once again be set aside.

The new generation, pulled together by the victory that they had torn from the ashes of Amber watched as each of the elder’s came and thanked their children. The last hope of Amber, its children, had proved itself. As Haven’s choice for ruler of Amber was Julian, he was recognized then with their blessing as the ruler of Amber, and all recognized him and bent knee.

Though Amber herself lay occupied, a new hope filled the air. The pattern was cleansed, and the feeling was that it was a final cleansing. It was time to return home, and rebuild Amber to her former glory.

In Amber years had passed as the storm passed over. The Dragon and its chaotic minions nested on Mount Kolvir. The survivor’s of Amber had gathered deep in the forest of Amber, in a place called Sanctum that the unicorn had lead them. An underground fortress safe from the Dragon’s predations.

It was nearly nine months after the Amberite’s return before an attempt was made to oust the Dragon. Julian, Corwin and Bleys lead a small army against it. The attempt was not succesfull, but the Dragon was sorely wounded by Bleys before a withdrawl was called. The second attempt, two years later was even closer to success. If it were not for the arrival of three smaller dragons from Kolvir it seems as if it would have.

Two more years have passed since then. Julian, whom many call Blackhand or the Uncrowned King holds court in the Golden Circle kingdom of Talderan. From the safety of Sanctum parties of men head forth and battle the dragon’s minions, slowly whittling them away. A great colonizing fleet is being assembled, to repopulate the shadow once the dragon has been driven away. In Talderan Julian claims that a plan is in progress which will prove effective against the dragon, and it will happen soon. He is often seen closeted with Fiona and Merlin and speculation abounds.

The Lords of Haven faced an unpleasant surprise when the storm passed over shadow. All of the doors of Haven were disconnected with shadow. It was fortunate that Edwyn carried one within his pendant for otherwise Haven might have been lost. Replacing all of these doors had proved an onerous task, but one that must be done. Edwyn has asked that each of the lords of Haven be assigned five doors to place, with the rest being kept in reserve for crucial locations such as Amber and Talderan.

In addition the missing lords of Haven remain troubling, neither Kisten or Mordecai have been seen since before the storm. The existence of another Haven has also come to light, strange passages lead to unknown rooms and floating platforms contain doors that will not open at the Havenite’s commands.

Amber was not the only city to fall when the Dragon rose. The city of Rebma did not escape the ravages of the Dragon and the storm, its troubles a reflection of Amber’s. A great chasm has split Rebma and tritons and sea serpents occupy the city. The court of Rebma is in residence at the Court of the Tides where Luthair raises a force to reclaim the city.

Chaos remains torn by conflict. House Amberlash is at war with an unknown threat from shadow that threatens to destroy the House. House Hendrake’s initial rebellion has been largely defeated, its ways lie abandoned but for the traps and terrors left behind by its former lords. The house would have fallen entirely but in a crucial battle Mandor’s allies, House Helibore, withdrew from the conflict allowing Hendrake to escape. No reason was given and this act greatly weakened Mandor’s standing among the great houses.

Gabriel continues to lead raids from the black zone. He is bolstered by a recent alliance with Amber. Prince Caine has been tasked with aiding in the downfall of Mandor.

Bright remains a mystery since Bennedict, Dworkin and its lords retreated there after the dragon rose. No reliable path remains as the pattern is not available. Corwin claimed that he was traveling there but was vague about his method.

Let Sleeping Dragons Lie
Session 27:
The Cycle of Life
Session 26: Log by GM

The evening was an unpleasant time for the invading forces lead by Bennedict. Harried by forces both mundane and mystical, its soldiers got little rest. Slightly demoralized, on the following morning Bennedict began the battle for Amber. The battle was long and hard, lasting until it became to dark to fight. Ilayne used her mystical harp to sow fear in the invading troops, gaining the Ire of Dworkin’s daughter Yvette. Things did not look good for Ilayne as she was assaulted with sorcery until Evangeline snuck a mental jab into Yvette’s defenses causing her to lose consciousness. When darkness fell the city still held.

Morgana refused to allow the assaulting force any chance to rest, causing flames to come alive in their camps and generally spreading havoc. Bennedict was also not content to allow the defenders a chance to rest and set a seperate army of cat warriors with night vision upon them. This surprise assault went very poorly for the warriors of Amber, a great crater that Ilayne opened up seemed to trigger Mt. Kolvir, causing flames to be visible around its top. Morgana successfully detered an eruption, but at great cost to herself. Ilayne found herself battling a great red demon, who smashed her body to the ground and retreated through a rip in reality itself. Morgana detached a group of men to recover Ilayne’s corpse. The assault failed to take the walls, but could not have been called a victory for the defenders.

Ilayne’s body was taken away, and rumors spread of her recent death. However, by utilizing a Master word of Power Tamiina caused Ilayne to return to life at great personal cost to herself.

April Showers
Session 25 Log by GM

The recently arrived spring brought more to Amber than light rains and flowers, it also birthed new threats. The suspicious nature of the council of Haven proved only too correct, and it seemed that a great army approached Amber. This army was lead by Prince Bennedict, and was pushing the claim of Dworkin for king of Amber.

Even more troubling than this, Scarlett betrayed her Haven companions and allowed a strike force lead by Bennedict into Haven to attempt to seize it. This assault was nearly successful, but was turned aside by the efforts of Morgana, Ilayne, Edwyn and the unlikely Grayson. It seemed that lines were drawn in the sand.

Evangeline successfully made her return from Bright, though she chose not to return to Amber itself instead taking position at the primal pattern, which she believed to be in danger if Bennedict’s army was successful.

Preparations were rapidly made, the army’s of Amber previously prepared for a war with Rebma were gathered to resist the invasion. With the continued absence of Mordecai the council of Haven appointed Julian as Guardian of Amber, and if Amber withstood the invasion he was to be King. As night fell upon the shadow, a tension filled the hearts of all Amberites. For tomorrow the future of Amber would be decided.

The Season Turns
Session 24: Log by GM

The Regent of Amber called a meeting of Havenites to discuss the future of Amber, since Mordecai was missing. Various ideas were bandied about, such as selecting Edwyn as king. Kistem proposed himself as king, but may not have been serious in his proposal and dropped it when he was informed that being King would require alot of work. Martin was considered briefly, but it was decided to leave him as an option in the future.

During the meeting Bright was brought up as a possible location for Mordecai. Inquiries were made of Scarlett which she chose not to answer, gaining the suspicion of all suspicious people in the meeting, which unfortunately includes pretty much all of them. In the end it was determined that Evangeline would investigate finding a pathway to Bright that did not involve walking the pattern. In addition Ilayne would be released from her parole pending a treaty in Amber’s favor with House Hendrake.

After the meeting Scarlett went into the city of Amber and told Byron it would be best to lay low, even leave Amber. He reluctantly agreed, even forgoing his final vengeance on Rainier when Scarlett used the magic word “Please”. After warning Byron Scarlett tracked down James who was violently interrogating a merchants family about a missing payment. Scarlett was disappointed in James when he roughly shoved a woman, causing numerous bruises and cuts and stole her jewelery as payment. Scarlett returned to Amber and lay relatively low, except for a short disappearance to a broom closet, during which she conversed with her father.

Morgana convinced her father to name her the eldest daughter over Ivy, in a play to becoming his heir if he ever became the power in Amber. She also warned Julian of the impending arrival of “something” from shadow, perhaps an army. After a short and unpleasant conversation with a very pregnant Jasra, who had recently gotten a desire to rip ears off of people, specifically Edwyn, Morgana invited James out to a drink in Amber. Whether Morgana has any real interest in James remains undecided, but her pants further fanned the flames of his ardor.

Ilayne began making preparations to travel to Chaos, in specific house Hendrake. Having gotten Morgana to agree to come, she chose to give Scarlett a few days and with her new found freedom travelled to Rebma. There she once again spoke with her father Bleys, who greeted her quite warmly and spoke with her for some time. It was here that she learned that the most recent news from Chaos was not kind for House Hendrake, who found itself at war with three houses in chaos.

Evangeline’s investigations took her on a strange path. It started with Dworkin, and then to a pond apparently inhabited by a frog named Frank, or Fred, after which it went up a tunnel to another universe. Their in Bright she was given bodyguards and rooms while Dworkin attempted to decide what to do with her. She met the recently returned Byron, who asked her if she was switching sides, as well as meeting Dworkin’s son Ambrose who dismissed her guard and personally undertook escorting her through the palace.


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