Shades of Amber

April Showers

Session 25 Log by GM

The recently arrived spring brought more to Amber than light rains and flowers, it also birthed new threats. The suspicious nature of the council of Haven proved only too correct, and it seemed that a great army approached Amber. This army was lead by Prince Bennedict, and was pushing the claim of Dworkin for king of Amber.

Even more troubling than this, Scarlett betrayed her Haven companions and allowed a strike force lead by Bennedict into Haven to attempt to seize it. This assault was nearly successful, but was turned aside by the efforts of Morgana, Ilayne, Edwyn and the unlikely Grayson. It seemed that lines were drawn in the sand.

Evangeline successfully made her return from Bright, though she chose not to return to Amber itself instead taking position at the primal pattern, which she believed to be in danger if Bennedict’s army was successful.

Preparations were rapidly made, the army’s of Amber previously prepared for a war with Rebma were gathered to resist the invasion. With the continued absence of Mordecai the council of Haven appointed Julian as Guardian of Amber, and if Amber withstood the invasion he was to be King. As night fell upon the shadow, a tension filled the hearts of all Amberites. For tomorrow the future of Amber would be decided.


AshenHaze AshenHaze

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