Shades of Amber

Sparks and Trumps

Session 34: Notes by GM


Many Amberites are invited to discuss the translation of a spelled letter from Mandor. This letter appears to be a request or demand for peace. A reference to an unheard of accord cause the family to decide to do further research into what may be behind the letter.

An additional attempt was made to gather Evangeline and Merlin’s “Sparks”. This attempt was not successful. With Morgana’s help Merlin escaped danger and was able to trump out, while Evangeline and Azreal escaped through Haven and then erased the door behind them. Julian Ivy and Dominic dealt with the remaining sparks as best they could.

Kisten attempted to gather support for a rescue of Mordecai. Unfortunately several attacks ended in engine damage as well as an accidental train summoning by Azreal. A new plan put forward by Evangeline would use a moving island rather than an airship and the pair of them intend to commence work on that.

Both Morgana and Dominic went to chaos, Morgana to begin research at House Helgram and Dominic to confer with his father. Caine showed Dominic a disturbing army appeared to be lead by the strange light creatures attacking a Chaos House. Caine claims that House Jesby succeeded in opening a gateway to Bright, which is now being utilized by these forces to invade its ways.

Ilayne’s attempt to gather Deykin’s essence ended in conflict. Merlin was monitoring the essence and defending it with the Eidolon. After several warnings Merlin and Naomi attacked Ilayne, Tristan and Rhoswen in an attempt to halt their efforts. This ended in a stalemate, Merlin having Deykin’s essence and Tristan having Naomi by the throat. Merlin decided to trade the essence for Naomi and allowed her to depart.


AshenHaze AshenHaze

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