Shades of Amber

The Cycle of Life

Session 26: Log by GM

The evening was an unpleasant time for the invading forces lead by Bennedict. Harried by forces both mundane and mystical, its soldiers got little rest. Slightly demoralized, on the following morning Bennedict began the battle for Amber. The battle was long and hard, lasting until it became to dark to fight. Ilayne used her mystical harp to sow fear in the invading troops, gaining the Ire of Dworkin’s daughter Yvette. Things did not look good for Ilayne as she was assaulted with sorcery until Evangeline snuck a mental jab into Yvette’s defenses causing her to lose consciousness. When darkness fell the city still held.

Morgana refused to allow the assaulting force any chance to rest, causing flames to come alive in their camps and generally spreading havoc. Bennedict was also not content to allow the defenders a chance to rest and set a seperate army of cat warriors with night vision upon them. This surprise assault went very poorly for the warriors of Amber, a great crater that Ilayne opened up seemed to trigger Mt. Kolvir, causing flames to be visible around its top. Morgana successfully detered an eruption, but at great cost to herself. Ilayne found herself battling a great red demon, who smashed her body to the ground and retreated through a rip in reality itself. Morgana detached a group of men to recover Ilayne’s corpse. The assault failed to take the walls, but could not have been called a victory for the defenders.

Ilayne’s body was taken away, and rumors spread of her recent death. However, by utilizing a Master word of Power Tamiina caused Ilayne to return to life at great personal cost to herself.


AshenHaze AshenHaze

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