Shades of Amber

The Season Turns

Session 24: Log by GM

The Regent of Amber called a meeting of Havenites to discuss the future of Amber, since Mordecai was missing. Various ideas were bandied about, such as selecting Edwyn as king. Kistem proposed himself as king, but may not have been serious in his proposal and dropped it when he was informed that being King would require alot of work. Martin was considered briefly, but it was decided to leave him as an option in the future.

During the meeting Bright was brought up as a possible location for Mordecai. Inquiries were made of Scarlett which she chose not to answer, gaining the suspicion of all suspicious people in the meeting, which unfortunately includes pretty much all of them. In the end it was determined that Evangeline would investigate finding a pathway to Bright that did not involve walking the pattern. In addition Ilayne would be released from her parole pending a treaty in Amber’s favor with House Hendrake.

After the meeting Scarlett went into the city of Amber and told Byron it would be best to lay low, even leave Amber. He reluctantly agreed, even forgoing his final vengeance on Rainier when Scarlett used the magic word “Please”. After warning Byron Scarlett tracked down James who was violently interrogating a merchants family about a missing payment. Scarlett was disappointed in James when he roughly shoved a woman, causing numerous bruises and cuts and stole her jewelery as payment. Scarlett returned to Amber and lay relatively low, except for a short disappearance to a broom closet, during which she conversed with her father.

Morgana convinced her father to name her the eldest daughter over Ivy, in a play to becoming his heir if he ever became the power in Amber. She also warned Julian of the impending arrival of “something” from shadow, perhaps an army. After a short and unpleasant conversation with a very pregnant Jasra, who had recently gotten a desire to rip ears off of people, specifically Edwyn, Morgana invited James out to a drink in Amber. Whether Morgana has any real interest in James remains undecided, but her pants further fanned the flames of his ardor.

Ilayne began making preparations to travel to Chaos, in specific house Hendrake. Having gotten Morgana to agree to come, she chose to give Scarlett a few days and with her new found freedom travelled to Rebma. There she once again spoke with her father Bleys, who greeted her quite warmly and spoke with her for some time. It was here that she learned that the most recent news from Chaos was not kind for House Hendrake, who found itself at war with three houses in chaos.

Evangeline’s investigations took her on a strange path. It started with Dworkin, and then to a pond apparently inhabited by a frog named Frank, or Fred, after which it went up a tunnel to another universe. Their in Bright she was given bodyguards and rooms while Dworkin attempted to decide what to do with her. She met the recently returned Byron, who asked her if she was switching sides, as well as meeting Dworkin’s son Ambrose who dismissed her guard and personally undertook escorting her through the palace.


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