Azriel has lived as a servant most of her life, at leas the part of her life she can remember. She is horrendously curious about things and has a caring nature.

Azriel’s Mind:

Session 28 – Farturia Where Azriel wonders if she has lost her mind.
Session 29 – Dragons Where Azriel continues to muse upon her fantasy.
Session 30 – Cleansed Where Azriel has doubts that it’s all a dream.
Session 31 – Happiness Where Azriel finds comfort in what she loves.
Session 32 – Silly Swords Where Azriel realizes some things are not as ordinary as they look.
Session 33 – Typicalities Where Azriel gets sick and tired of authority.
Session 34 – Imaginations Where Azriel wonders what else she can dream up before the end.
Session 35 – Prisons Where Azriel ponders prisons.
Session 36 – Demonitis Where Azriel learns Amberites are Chaosites.
Session 37 – Abyssapalities Where Azriel whines about getting hurt.
Session 38 – Family Where Azriel meets her father.
Session 41 – Murder Where Azriel contemplates how murderous her relatives are.
Session 42 – War Where Azriel summons Crigs.
Session 43 – Dragons Again Where Azriel battles a dragons guts.
Session 44 – Convergence Where Azriel follows trouble goes.
Session 45 – Invasion Where Azriel loses a limb.
Session 46 – Control Where Azriel considers murder.
Session 47 – Love Where Azriel discovers her love of the world.
Session 48 – Endgame Where Azriel dies.


One day I woke up and I had no idea who I was. Written across the back of my hand was my name (at least I think it was), Azriel. A woman named Rozelia, who turned out to be the head servant of the palace I was in, told me to get ready for work because she didn’t have all day and neither did I. So my life as a palace servant begin.

None of the other servants had known me before that day, and despite numerous inquiries around I was apparently a new face and member of the staff. I was good at the job though, so I could only assume I had done similar work the past.

Life was good and I was somewhat content, though every girl has her dreams. Then one day while I was removing a particularly annoying stain left by a particularly annoying young child of an official, a man came to me and halted my chores. He had a high enough rank that I heeded, though my curiosity likely would of made me follow anyway.

This man told me I was special, that I had a destiny in my future. I could be more than just a servant in a palace and my abilities lay elsewhere. He visited with me for a large amount of days and taught me many grand things. And then he stopped showing up, so I returned to my chores and wondered when he might return.

Months later I was framed for the theft of a Mark; an item worth a small fortune that is not allowed to be in the possession of servants. I was sentenced to Abalon and placed inside a ten by ten room of darkness called a Cube. I was tortured and questioned but I had no answers for my jailors. It was a dark time for my soul and I will not recount it all here.

A hundred years later…

I do not know how long I spent in the Cube, but one day a message came, bearing news that soon I would be broken out of my Cube. And with the aide of a movement known as the Underground and a bit of destruction I was freed. Not only that, but the man who broke me from my prison had a letter for me. It was from my teacher of so long ago…

Azrie leg final


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