“Then came a fiery bearded, flame-crowned man, dressed all in red and orange, mainly of silk stuff, and he held a sword in his right hand and a glass of wine in his left, and the devil himself danced behind his eyes, as blue as Flora’s, or Eric’s. His chin was slight, but the beard covered it. His sword was inlaid with an elaborate filigree of a golden color. He wore two huge rings on his right hand and one on his left: an emerald, a ruby, and a sapphire, respectively. This, I knew, was Bleys.”
Nine Princes in Amber

Bleys actions leave him in a somewhat dubious light. He was part of the cabal that originally allowed chaos to attack Amber. He was instrumental in Amber’s major victory during the Black Road War. As the war with chaos escalated he fought valiantly in defense of Amber until his son was captured. In exchange for his son’s life he aided chaos in acquiring the Jewel of Judgement and fled to Rebma.

In recent history he heroically held the door to the pattern against the forces of chaos allowing the children of Haven to walk the pattern. With Rebma still inaccessible and the Eidolon on his heels, it will be interesting to see where Bleys goes next…



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