Once Queen of Amber...


She stood about a dozen paces from me, a tail, slender girl with dark eyes and close-cropped brown hair. She wore a fencing jacket and held a rapier in her right hand, a mask in her left. She was looking at me and laughing. Her teeth were white, even and a trifle long; a band of freckles crossed her small nose and the upper portions of her well-tanned cheeks. There was that air of vitality about her which is attractive in ways different from mere comeliness. Especially, perhaps, when viewed from the vantage of many years. She saluted me with her blade. “En garde, Corwin!” she said.
Guns of Avalon

Dara is the granddaughter of Bennedict. She was the first queen of Amber and ruled for nearly a century before losing the throne to Mordecai of Haven. She and Mandor orchestrated the fall of Amber, but it appears that he betrayed her and allowed Amber to be retaken by those Amberites who hailed from Haven.



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