A Captain of Rebma’s castle guard, Eden spent many years becoming accustomed to defending the gates, and the nobles behind it. Under Bleys’ command, he trained in the blade with the Prince himself, thus becoming an impressive swordsman. Coupled with his lineage, tying him directly to Rebma’s royal line, Eden quickly became an individual of importance, in Rebma.

Those who know Eden would call him a man of action, not fond of holding his tongue if he thinks his words ought to be heard. Brave, and noble – though, after a certain scandal with a woman wed to Nemerian, a knight of the Coral, there are those who would dispute the last.

He was put in charge of the defense of Prince Bleys’ eldest daughter, Ilayne, upon her reappearance from shadow, and has since been lost, his fate unknown, in the latest battle for Amber.



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