The Vengeful Scribe


Edwyn is the son of Corwin of Amber. He is also the acting regent of Amber. He is known to be a quiet well mannered somewhat bookish man.



My first memory is wandering into village Tethel as a young man. I knew that my name was Edwyn, but little else. Tethel was a small fishing village on the northern shore of the kingdom of Flendar. My time there was good, though I never truly belonged. I was fair and pale with blue eyes and it would be fair to say I stood out among the dark haired people of that village. This became more of a problem when fair skinned raiders came from the north in their longships, pillaging the coastline.

My only friend was a strange hermit who lived in the hills perhaps an hour from the village. We spoke often, for he knew of many things and places. He told me that I was destined for more than being an outcast fisherman and I laughed for what else was there? He taught me to read however, and to speak several languages. When I found his hut empty, I became bitter and angry. This increased the villages dislike of me.

I resented the resentment, for though I fought alongside them whenever the militia was rallied, I was never trusted. Somewhat bitter and alone, I existed that way for ten years. The raids grew worse and worse as time went by, and the coastal villages moved inland. When ours did, I left to find my own place. I journeyed to the inland city of Palor, which was a much more cosmopolitan place, or at least it was large enough that I was less remarkable.

I found work as a scribe, for my script was quite good. And for some years I lived modestly. I even married, a beautiful woman named Isolda from the country of Salen. Besides the raiding, the kingdom was largely at peace. It was during this time that my troubles started, for people had begun to notice that I did not appear to age, remaining in quite good health. Word spread that I was a warlock, and my wife a witch. I wanted to leave but Isolda did not want to leave her sister.

They burned my Isolda, and they nearly burnt me. Their leader was a noble man named Jamison, who harnessed the peoples superstition to increase his own position. I fled Palor in the night. I had several injuries and bruises from fighting with the mob, but I have always healed quickly. The witch hunts spread throughout the kingdom, and I remained barely ahead of them, one time hiding in a midden heap to avoid them.

I traveled to the Isolda’s homeland of Salen, where I plotted my revenge. For twenty years I studied the dark arts and when I returned to Palor my vengeance was dark. With blade and with curses I killed everyone whom Jamison loved, even his four year old daughter. When it was over, I left him alive, but alone. To live out the last of his days maimed and blinded, for while I allowed him to live I had not been merciful.

Vengeance sated I worked again as a scribe and sometimes messenger. I wrote several books under pen names. Time continued to pass, and I have yet to age. I send what money I can to Isolda’s sister’s children. Secretly of course, for I never remain in one place for more than a few years.


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