‘Then there was Eric. Handsome by anyone’s standards, his hair was so dark as to be almost blue. His beard curled around the mouth that always smiled, and he was dressed simply in a leather jacket and leggings, a plain cloak, high black boots, and he wore a red sword belt bearing a long silvery saber and clasped with a ruby, and his high cloak collar around his head was lined with red and the trimmings of his sleeves matched it. His hands, thumbs hooked behind his belt, were terribly strong and prominent. A pair of black gloves jutted from the belt near his right hip.’
Nine Princes in Amber

Eric I, King of Amber. Eldest son of Faiella & Oberon.

Crowned during Oberon’s irresponsible abdication by absence, he was cursed by Corwin during the latter’s sentencing for attempting to overthrow Amber. Due to the curse and the actions of Brand and Bleys, Eric spent most of his reign fighting the forces of Chaos.

Note, the author of this note may be somewhat biased.

He fell against the Chaos while bravely defending Amber herself, and was incapacitated for quite some time. Eventually restored to his faculties during the reign of King pro tempore, Random.

Established Haven as a last ditch defense against the Chaos counterattack, remains in the field against Amber’s enemies.



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