His gleaming armor reflected the thousand silver torches of House Hendrake. He stood facing us all, the high seat of the house rising up behind him. His steely gaze surveyed the room, daring any to oppose his return and ascension to High Lord. His sword sang as he unsheathed it and placed it on the ebony table before him. “The blades are bared, and this sword will remain unsheathed until the day that it tastes Mandor’s blood.” The smile on his face was a cruel and vicious thing, and the entire house knelt before him for at that moment he seemed a warrior god of ages long past. Standing in the center of all things, white hair streaming wildly behind him, a primal force of fury, he was a promise of glory and death and war and vengeance and though part of me wondered if this was wise I knew that we would follow him to Thelbane itself.
Thessia in Betrayal

Gabriel is a High lord of House Hendrake. A skilled bladesman, he was instrumental in the capture of Amber, and was part of the final battle that ended in the death of Gerard and the capture of Julian. A somewhat aloof man, he is often described as cold He is known to have a biting tongue when angered, which is not uncommon.



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