Ivy is the daughter of Julian and was part of Haven. She is the head of the Knights of the Briar who are located in Amber.


This world is not right. As I walk through the mazes of hedges and gardens that grow about Castle I know this. The gardens are lovely, arranged in intricate designs about streams and pools with benches and fountains spread throughout, everything just feels artificial. Everything has always felt artificial though. For when I sleep, I see another world, a world of trees and streams and bushes all about me, not orderly but wild. Something primal, like Colors, but different.

Such places do not exist, how could they? I have explored the gardens, the hedges and mazes of surrounding the castle for years, and there is no wildness here. There is an order to things, but what establishes this order? It is surely not the color princes, for all they do is war amongst themselves in an ever changing prismatic battle.

The only theory I have is that it is the castle that establishes order. But from what? Was this place once as I dream it? Nobody knows the answers to my questions, they consider me a fool to wonder. Things are as they are, they say.

My first memories are fully grown, wandering the gardens. The Princes of Green and Orange were warring, and I wandered into the remnants of the battle. When I told the Prince that my name was Ivy, and I knew not where I came from he laughed, and said “Ivy you say, then I should keep you close. You are clearly my luck.”

And that’s exactly what he did. For thirty five years I was at his side, until the day he died and was given to the Castle. He was wild and brave, reckless and caring. Quick with a laugh, or a smile, bold and brave. I loved my Green Prince, and watching him age and die as I remained the same was terrible. I know he loved me too, for when his body was placed into the Green Fount I heard his voice whisper that he loved me, and would always be with me. When I returned to my room the sword that he had made for me that first year was upon my bed, and inscribed on the blade were some sort of runic script that nobody recognized.

When I hold the sword I feel like he is there, and when I sleep with it in my hand I dream of him. The new Green Prince was not worthy of my service, so I have left the Castle and reside in the gardens, sleeping by my favorite pool. The pool by which I first met my prince. The Color wars occasionally spill out, but my life is mostly quiet and I am mostly left alone. This morning however things changed. I found a note in my pocket, from him, from long ago. It is from my prince, and it asks I meet him at the heart of the Castle.


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