Kisten is the son of Flora and is of Haven. He has a reputation as being a bit of a brawler, as well as being lazy. He avoids responsibility whenever possible, much preferring adventure and wandering shadow.


My name is Kisten, which is really all I know about my past. Maybe I remembered more when I was younger, though I don’t remember knowing more. Normally I don’t think too much about it. What’s important is that I was eighteen, fast and strong on the streets of Berle during the revolution. I’d like to say that I was fighting for freedom and enlightenment, but really I was hungry and cold. I wanted what those noblemen in their mansions with their carriages had.

So I decided to take it. My skills quickly made me important among the revolutionaries. We fired shipyards, overturned carriages in the streets, and generally made life difficult for the Iron Guard. In the end, how successful we were is questionable. The Grand Chancellor stepped down and a new chancellor selected whom was more favored by the revolutionaries.

I was one of those deemed dangerous enough to buy off, so I found myself in a much better situation. Of course, I did what every young man who first comes into real money does. I spent it, some would say wasted it however I learned alot during those years. And women, gambling and booze are rarely a waste in my opinion.

Of course, I had to sell everything to settle my debts. However then something odd happened. A man from the University of Berle contacted me, apparently I’d received a scholarship and an allowance from an anonymous source. With nothing else to do I attended university, and received average marks. My sponsor turned out to be a former revolutionary as well, he said that he saw something special in me and didn’t want my talents to be wasted.

I continued my education in gambling and partying at the University. Of course, I learned other things as well. Science, mathematics, economics and a variety of other subjects. I earned my degree in physical sciences, with a focus on Zeppelin design.

Throughout all of these years, I didn’t age a day. I was called well preserved by the few who’d known me from my revolution days. As time continued to pass it became clear that I wasn’t going to age. Rather than be studied by some alchemists to attempt to gain the secret of life, I left a few steps ahead of them, literally. My Zepellin took off with them on the pier. Since then I have worked as an officer on numerous ships, traveling from one place to another, with the intent of seeing the entire world.

I have nearly done so. It has been ninety five years since I graduated from Berle. My current hope is that places I’ve already visited will have changed enough to be interesting again. I have been everywhere, and seen most everything and when I am honest with myself I am bored. But this morning something interesting happened, I found an odd note from my sponsor in my coat pocket…


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