I was born in the placed called Bastion. On the day that I was born my father defeated the combined armies of Dworkin and Bennedict. He has always said that I am his luck. I didn’t really know what I was missing in my youth, as I explored the shadows along the golden road and traveled with Beauregard, Rainier and Collin. Our explorations were interrupted by fighting, for most of the battles father kept me in New Amber while my brother’s and he went to war.

As I got older I learned exactly what I was. Trapped, I could only travel along paths laid out to me by others. The pattern in Bright was kept from me. When my brother Collin was killed in battle I wept, not for him though. I wept because on that day I knew that my birthright would never be mine.

Beauregard sensed my distress, we’ve always been close and he redoubled his efforts, laying paths for me as randomly as he could. He would leave little poems scattered about, that would be the key. Even father could tell, but their was nothing they could do. So I smile and wander as I can, and the years and wars wore on.

But it all changed one day. A new brother came, his name was Mordecai and he came from what he called the true Amber. When I told daddy that I was going with him I thought he would forbid me. We had talked about a raid before but it had always been said to be too dangerous. I think he knew if he forbid me this chance he would lose me.

A long time ago Random told me that a caged bird may sing prettily, but will never be happy. He had a sad look on his eyes when he spoke. I will be caged no more.


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