Lives By The Sword


Mordecai’s Journal

Not tall, a bit shorter than the average, actually. Clever, quick eyes that catch more than he lets on. Often wearing a sword, and very comfortably. Strong, athletic frame. Fond of irreverent grins.

Mordecai is a Winner!

  • Cunning Auction Winner
  • Warfare Auction Winer

Born in the Year of Our Lord 1284, in the Holy Roman Empire, Mordecai was fortunate enough to be trained as a Ritter, knight. When Emperor Fredrick III established the Order of German Noble Houses Mordecai was somehow allowed to join though his parentage was unknown. He hoped that this meant that his parents were noble, but if so, that was never revealed.

Mordecai was an extremely good swordsman, and proved to be a competent commander as well when he distinguished himself in the Crusades. When he came home, he helped Fredrick III conquer Gaul and Spain, uniting most of Europe’s North mainland under the Empire’s banner.

For political reasons, he could never be made a nobleman. Mordecai chafed under his glass ceiling, and began working his way across various armies and knightly orders of the Empire, looking always for a chance to prove himself in battle. In the name of the Empire he battled Turks, Egyptians, Normans, Norsemen, and Mongols. No matter how useful he proved, however, he was never given noble rank.

It was around this time that most men would go looking for a nice cottage, having the standing to own their own land, but Mordecai didn’t feel the need to retire. People began to remark upon it as well, word of his ‘unnatural youth’ circulated through the Knightly Orders.

Mordecai had no particular desire to be burned as a witch, so he went to Persia to become a mercenary. He was quite successful at that, and thirty or so years later, returned to Germany with a new identity.

As a mercenary, or sometimes bodyguard, he could move around enough that no one ever got too suspicious about his age, but still Mordecai was restless. What was it that kept him from aging? What great destiny did he have? Shouldn’t there be more for an immortal man than this?

Finally, the sigil from his mentor’s locket appeared one day. Mordecai left the next morning, convinced that he would finally learn what great place he had in the world.


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