Her dress was long and black, with a low top exposing a scandalous amount of pale skin. Her hair was a light color, nearly white. Her face might have been pretty, except it had a look of fury upon it. The demon whose mind I rode felt terror at her visage. A fear stronger than which I was feeding it. This fear came with a name…Naomi
Evangeline in Haven

Naomi is the daughter of Arawn of Chaos and Irene of a place called Prydain. All evidence points to her carrying the blood of Amber, presumably from her mother’s side. Currently unwelcome in chaos she resides in Amber.


My name is Naomi, daughter of Prince Arawn of chaos. I am the youngest daughter of my father, and he has always favored me. House Arawn is not a strong house, though my father has ambition. Father made his expectations of us clear, that we would be assets to the house.

I was enrolled in classes in the Courts,t here I studied Logrus theory, even catching Suhuy’s eye and earning several private lessons from him. For a time at school I caught the eye of Merlin, the darling son of Dara and a Prince of Amber. My father was quite hopeful that a match might be made, though I thought it unlikely. In this I was correct.

Father was not happy with my failure. The punishment I endured was very unpleasant, and the fact that my siblings were there to watch only made my pain and humiliation worse. Both Malificent and Kolder laughed at my humiliation, but my younger brother Vash was sympathetic. He’s the soft one in the family.

As per father’s request I redoubled my efforts at Merlin. Our relationship was rekindled for a while, though it was clear that it was nothing more than fun for him. I used my influence with him to have House Arawn given access to the Eidolon, the mysterious construct that used trump to track its victims. What’s not quite publicly known in chaos is that it doesn’t track just Amberites, but can track anyone whose trump it has.

As was inevitable Merlin moved onto different things, a hell maid named Gilva of House Hendrake caught his eye and what little relationship we had ended shortly after. Without Merlin as a companion my life in the courts grew much less pleasant. House Arawn is a new house, granted its patent during the Black Road War, and my presence was deeply resented by those Chaosites with more pure bloodlines. Refusing to return to my families disdain and unwilling to remain surrounded by the mockery and jealousy of my supposed peers I took what I had learned and spent some time dwelling amongst the shadows.

That is where everything changed. In one of my explorations I found a subterranean shadow that was not what it should be, far more strong of a shadow than one would expect to encounter but I could find no evidence of Logrus or Pattern. I became convinced that an Amberite had gone to ground here, and the rewards Mandor offered for the capture of an Amberite were substantial. Enough to regain favor with my father, and perhaps take a little vengeance on my fellows.

I rent the shadow with the Logrus, setting forth a series of events that would force an Amberite to flee or at least make themself known. It worked, but better than I expected. The Amberite tracked down the source of his troubles and a great battle ensued. I failed at taking him alive, he nearly succeeded at killing me. About his neck was a pendant with an emblem upon it which I believed might represent the pattern.

When I brought it home it burned my family members to touch, but not me. And a strange suspicion grew in me, one that I could not dare breathe a word of. I told my father Arawn that I believed someone had hidden young Amberites in shadow, and that while I had failed in capturing the others I might succeed in the future. He gave me command over my two brothers and told me to not return in failure again.

I began my hunt, in search of both answers and glory. What would I do when I found another? I suppose we’ll just have to find out


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