A young Fae lady of Solace...


She stood, examining the tapestry as it was the most interesting thing in the world. Slender fingers brushed over the stitch-work, the rest of her sun-bronzed, slender frame poised to grant her a better look at the object in question. Her attire was something of well-draped light blue material, hanging from her shoulders and hips in such a way that it fashioned quite the flattering dress – in only the impossible way the Fae can manage to make believable. At my entrance, she turned and smiled, an innocence passing over earth-toned features that contradicted the sinful grace with which she moved. Brilliant red hair was only partially pulled up, perhaps to keep it from sweeping across the floor as she walked – for it was unbelievably long – and her vibrant green eyes caught mine in what could be construed as a friendly gaze.

For all the world she seemed the image of a perfectly sweet young maiden. And then it was learned that she was of the Fae…


Daughter of Thomas [the Wanderer] and Naomi.

Only twenty-three years of age, Riva is in fact, quite innocent, and naive when it comes to all things outside of Solace, but she is a quick study.

She was raised in Solace with her father, Thomas, dropped off by her mother when she was old enough. Here, she grew up amongst great mystical creatures of the fae realm, both large and small. Her mother did come and visit once, when she was about seven years old. Their meeting was brief, and not outstanding, though it seemed to have left Riva with little desire to pursue the matter much further beyond that. She does, however, keep on her a necklace that her mother gave her, never removing it, but when asked about it, she generally cuts the conversation short.

Recently, she was sent out of Solace by order of her father, who sent her into the lands of Tintangel, seeking protection for his daughter, from the ‘evil enchantress’ Morgana. Taking the young woman on as a ward, as a personal favor to Thomas, seemed reward enough, and now Riva finds herself with a new sort of people…

And a new multitude of questions.

Another Day – Journal Collection


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