…What can I say of Thessia, I never liked her, she was quite a bitch while we were younger always spoiling whatever small intrigues we attempted. She despised the petty cruelties that are so common among the courts, which is not to say she was not capable of them. She never really recovered from her sister’s death, and for years she was one Mandor and Dara’s fiercest fiercest opponents. But then, she was always one for lost causes…
The diaries of Lady Slaughna

Thessia is the mother of Ilayne, and a Lady of house Hendrake. She is the sister of the hell maid Lintra who was slain by Bennedict in the Patternfall war. Her half brother Gabriel is the heir to House Hendrake, though he remains imprisoned in Amber.

Thessia has a deep and public dislike of her grand daughter Dara, blaming her for Lintra’s death.



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