Shades of Amber

Welcome to Haven
Session 1 - (By Mordecai)

There may be many interpretations of what began here in the future, written by those who come after us, if we are victorious. If we are not, then we will no doubt be slandered much more openly by our enemies, and their descendants. I have never been one for dressing up events to please a crowd; in fact, it has been one of my great vexations in my long life.

This is a true account of the rebirth of Haven, in the Year of Our Lord 1512. What time they may reckon here in Haven, or in the place called Amber, we do not know. There are many things we do not know, but some we do. Here are the facts.

I am Mordecai. At times I have been Mordecai Eberhardt, at others Mordecai the Wolf, I was known as the Black Jackal of the Belfir Pass. For many years now, simply Mordecai has been sufficient. Those who’s tales merge with mine at the re-discovery of Haven are Ilayne, a boyish woman who’s world cruelly treated her, but who has surprising courage for one of her gender. Evangeline, another outcast, a survivor, who has memories of the true Earth but has them muddied by her long exile. Morgana, yet a third lady, a beautiful woman of a backwater court or some place enchanted, who’s keen mind delights in all the modern things she sees about her. And then Dominic, a good, fighting man who is a bit rough, perhaps, but seems to have suffered a fall in his status from enemies of his family, so that attitude can hardly be faulted.

It was the five of us who came to the place called Haven. Drawn to it by people we had trusted, people who should have been long dead. Each of us bore the sign of Haven, and it was both our guide to the place, and our key to open it. There we discovered many things. Marvels of magic designed to serve and outfit us. A great palace of a place, but empty, forsaken. And many documents, including a letter that told us we were all of one blood. Nobles, of a place called Amber. Hidden away, each of us, so that we might not suffer at the hands of our family’s enemies, nor be used against our sires as they fought.

The news was very grim. It seems that Amber has fallen, succumbed to attack in a war against some kind of force called Chaos. Our family may be entirely dead, save for one lone woman, hiding all this time. If anything is to be saved, it is for us to save it. Most telling of all that there is no support from the outside was the Crown and Scepter of Amber, left for us. No king would leave such behind for so long, so it must be that this King Eric cannot regain it. The third item of Kingship, a great ruby, is lost, no doubt pillaged by some agent of Amber’s enemies.

There is much that is confusing. This Haven leads to many places, worlds of magic or other strangeness. We essayed a journey to meet our hidden relative, and found the natives of that place hostile in the extreme, and armed with wondrous guns of exceptional craftsmanship. Regrettably, we were forced to withdraw. I think perhaps Dominic and I could have essayed the journey, but for the sake of the ladies it was best not to press the issue.

Returning to Haven to tend our wounds, we were assaulted yet again. This time Demons, true, horrific demons from hell, had somehow breached the door from whence came Elaine, without aid of key or guide. We shall have to discover how they managed that trick, and deny it to them. The demons were repelled, and Ilayne was distraught over the fate of her people. Sadly, we could not at that time engage any more of their forces. The demons were brutal and vile, having to be killed several times before they would finally die, and we were too wounded after both our battles to continue.

For the sake of Ilayne, we have agreed not to destroy the door to her overthrown world, but for now the door is barred and we wait. There is tension among us, a testing of our new companionship, but there is camaraderie too. Trust is growing, all the signs are auspicious that we shall join together, and conquer our foes.

Thus began Haven. Thus it rises. God willing, this is the first in a series of tales of how the Chaos was beaten down, Amber reclaimed, and how lost children regained their inheritance.

Things Begin in Earnest
Session 2 - (By Mordecai)

With our initial explorations and shocks out of the way, we of Haven and Amber sought to become more productive. To that end we had many tasks we set before ourselves. Check on the status of Illayne’s people. Meet with Florimel. Seek out our cousins behind the doors that had not yet delivered us another member, and see why they were delayed.

It was expected that the hardest and most dangerous of these tasks would be the trek to Ilayne’s demon-infested world. Instead, it was by far the least difficult, though there was a little danger. Our journey from the door to Illayne’s refugee city saw contact with small demons but there was no action to speak of. Once we arrived, we were well received by those refugees, and most of the group busied themselves with sightseeing of one kind or another while Ilayne spoke with the leader of the remnant there.

Just as the wait for Ilayne was becoming worrisome, one of our guards approached us, having courageously essayed the stair and demon ruin. There had been some kind of problem, Naomi had infiltrated Haven with Ilayne, and Haven no longer recognized Ilayne as friendly.

At this time, exactly what the right of the tale is, is not commonly known. Ilayne was cursed with demonic features, but even after those were gone, Haven reacted against her. We found some information that allowed us to make an exception for the woman, by publicly declaring that we considered her one of us, but it was overall an uncomfortable and divisive experience.

From there we took a trip to visit Florimel, this time without incident, and much knowledge was gleaned there. It would be too much to write here, and in any case, those that come after will not consider what we learned to be any special wisdom. At this time, however, it was essential learning that we prized highly. We talked long with Florimel, and thanked her profusely as we quit her house to return to Haven, feeling fortified with new purpose.

A task had taken shape, been given priority. We must attempt to essay one of the Patterns, be it in Amber, or Rebma, or in a place called Kashfa. It was I, Mordecai, who suggested that we make the attempt in Amber if at all possible, because of the reconnaissance we would gain at the same time, and because it would put our enemy off-balance.

Such a thing could only be attempted once, for it will rely on surprise to succeed. Therefore our more immediate task was to gather the other cousins from their worlds, or ascertain their fate. Having no way to know who would be behind which door, we chose at random, and the first place we entered in was a place gone mad about colors. We turned the tide in a decisive battle in favor of a purple faction over a green one, and the purple leader was so grateful that he helped us find our cousin there, Ivy. Extracting her from that bizzare place was so easy that we were dangerously overconfident for the second trip.

A world of floating Islands, ships that flew between them, but otherwise normal enough, was the next place found. For those of us from normal worlds it seemed more disconcerting to have these strange elements standing side-by-side with the familiar, than to have a whole world gone mad like the Castle of Colours. Here we had some difficulty making our search, and when we finally located our cousin, Kisten, he was under attack by Chaos forces.

Unfortunately, there was no easy way to prove we were not with the attackers, and the situation escalated to one of violence. Kisten was shot by Domanic, Domanic near-fatally shot by Kisten. Luckily, Domanic recovered of his injuries and Kisten agreed to come to Haven, once he was given a guarantee of safety by myself, Mordecai.

Thus ends another chapter in the more and more tumultuous lives of the youths of Amber. We rest now, gathering our strength before we seek out the last of our brethren.

One Door Remains
Session 3 (By Morgana)

The resilient Dominic lay recovering from his chest wound in the hospital bed on Princess Floramelle’s world while the rest of our intrepid heroes continued the search for their remaining cousins. Only two doors were left; one supposedly corresponding to the pendant in Naomi’s possession, and the other to an unknown world. The lovely Morgana, having the best head for fashion out of the group, offered to scout out the situation to determine the appropriate disguises. She encountered an army of large rats in an otherwise vacant city before coming back to inform her noble cousins. It was decided that they would go as they were; dressed in whatever was most comfortable and accompanied by a plentiful assortment of weapons…just in case.

No giant rats were seen as the group made their way bravely through the skyscraper down to the ground floor. The rats were perhaps held at bay by the flaming torch held aloft by the intelligent Evangeline. No matter what world one comes from, it seems to be a generally accepted principle that rats are rather flammable and therefore do not like fire.

The ladies provided excellent cover as the handsome men left the building to investigate the sounds of a vehicle moving speedily through the streets. The men noticed a small group of people, the first signs of life in the abandoned city. But alas, when they approached the humans, it was to discover that they were not alive at all. In fact, it appeared that they were the dead risen again and they hungered to feast on the flesh of our heroes. The undead villains were soundly trounced and the group once again proceeded cautiously onward, toward the sounds of the vehicle and fighting in the distance.

As they made their way through the city, they narrowly missed being spotted by an enormous fleshy monstrosity; an undead abomination, that was heading in the same direction. Following behind the behemoth they arrived at their destination: three large vehicles, one of which was overturned, and a small band of humans fighting against a horde of undead foes.

Our heroes valiantly launched themselves into the fray, selflessly risking their lives to save the small band of survivors. Mordecai’s blade sang as it opened the heavens, calling forth lightening and smiting the enemy. Kisten and Ilayne cleaved and tore their way through to the survivors, narrowly avoiding the surges of lightening. Morgana picked off as many as she could with her silver arrows as Evangeline unleashed the power of her blaster on the abomination, melting not only the foe but a good portion of the surrounding buildings.

As the haze of battle cleared, a new cousin was discovered. The beautiful Scarlet. The cousins quickly made their way back to the door and safety, barely escaping a fresh wave of undead monsters.

Once back in the safety of Haven, it was discovered that Dominic had grown tired of the restrictive confines of his sick bed. He had stubbornly refused the aid of the doctors and determined that he would much prefer to rest in his own bed in Haven than alone in the hospital. He conquered stair after stair, heaving himself from his hospital room on the seventh floor, down to the storage rooms, and then up seven more flights of stairs to reach the main floor of Haven. Such determination is truly inspiring.

As our heroes took a short rest, Scarlet acquainted herself with her surroundings and several others resumed important research in the library. Morgana decided to make a short trip back to her world to obtain a loyal band of servants for haven, but was intercepted by some of her king’s knights. They politely escorted her to the King whom she proceeded to dazzle with her feminine wiles as he in turn seduced her.

Mordecai, Scarlet, and Evangeline, in search of Morgana who had been gone longer than anticipated, enjoyed the hospitality of his majesty. There was feasting, musicians, and jugglers in abundance and the evening culminated in an impressive display of strength and skill as Mordecai and Sir Lancelot sparred in a friendly bout.

All except Morgana returned to Haven to discover Ilayne and Edwin had been attacked by a Chaos lord and Ilayne kidnapped. A note was sent immediately to Morgana who agreed to return to Albion to visit the King and then hastily made her way back to Haven. It was decided that contacting Ilayne’s father Prince Bleys, might be the best way of extracting her from the clutches of her captors. The group hurried to Princess Floramelle’s and were able to bring Bleys to their location through the use of Floramelle’s magic cards.

If only they had a card of Ilayne and could do the same, but alas it is not so. Ilayne’s fate remains uncertain, but not for long as our heroes quickly determine that their next step is to gain the ability to freely traverse the worlds, so that they may find Ilayne and bring her safely home…

The Pattern
Session 4 - (By Game Master)

The heirs of Amber made their way to the golden city to reclaim their birthright. Entering through the tunnels they made there way to the pattern. Prince Bleys of Amber guarded the door to the pattern while they traversed it. Upon reaching the center they asked the pattern to take them to Ilayne, whom had been imprisoned.

Meanwhile in a place known as Prydain, Prince Arawn mulled over what to do with his captive Amberite who called herself Ilayne and his rebellious daughter. Unfortunately, the decision of what to do with Ilayne was taken from him when she was rescued by Arawn’s so Vash. Of course Vash wasn’t trying to rescue Ilayne but rather his beloved sister. But lets not get caught up on the details.

After an angry and unproductive conversation as well as a brief run from the primal chaos Vash left to slow his father’s vengeance Ilayne and Vash went to chaos, to take shelter at House Hendrake. Determining that Ilayne had no idea what sort of reception she would recieve at that house, and remembering that as a child of Amber being caught with her in house Hendrake could end in Vash’s death he opted not to go there and instead brought Ilayne to a nice, safe doorless room to brainstorm what to do next.

This coincided quite nicely with the arrival of Mordecai and the other Amberites to rescue her. The subsequent conversation was quite awkward for Vash, as well as the Amberites who had arrived in a room they couldn’t get out of. Luckily, nobody was killed and everyone escaped through Vash’s trumps.

Unfortunately, Bleys’ being involved on the trumps summoned the Eidolon. Bleys left the group in the hopes it would follow him and this may have been the case. But it also followed the group dispatching ghostly mounted soldiers that chased them through shadow. The soldiers were defeated and the Eidolon itself began to manifest, but through the intervention of Evangeline’s mentor they successfully escaped.

It is important to note that not all of the Amberites from Haven chose to attempt to rescue Ilayne. Scarlet returned to Haven to recover and Morgana asked the pattern to take her to Tamiina. The pattern didn’t have to send Morgana far for Tamiina was imprisoned in the dungeons of Amber. Morgana successfully opened the door to the cell and for good measure rescued her father Julian as well, escaping through the same tunnels through which they’d infiltrated Amber.

Everyone successfully returned to Amber, alive and uncaptured. With the exception of Bleys who for all anyone knows is still fleeing the Eidolon. Vash successfully convinced everyone that perhaps his sister Naomi should not be killed out of hand. A quick visit to Merlin found him friendly, but unwilling to commit to actions against Chaos.

New Allies
Session 5 (By Morgana)

The ceremony for the Duchess Morgana of Tintangel to reaffirm her loyalty to her King Mordred of Camelot was attended by a large number of the Lords and Ladies of Haven. The ceremony was short yet tasteful and there was feasting and dancing held afterwards. The Ladies Ilayne and Evangeline spent the evening dancing away impressing the Knights of Camelot with their grace and beauty. Mordecai conversed with the King and Scarlett, while was disgruntled with the required attire, decided to conduct a drinking competition which she won handily. Dominic opted to forego the ceremony and investigate a secret door which led to the home of Vinta Bayle, the last known companion of his father Prince Caine.

Once back in Haven, the group decided to travel to the Golden Circle Kingdom of Kashfa so that Dominic could traverse the broken Pattern and gain some portion of its shadow walking powers. From there the plan was to acquire a ship and set sail for the waters above Rebma. Ilayne was then to descend into Rebma alone, and walk the Pattern there somehow avoiding drowning or being overcome by the pressure in the depths of the ocean on the way down.

The first part of the plan started out well, as the group successfully made it to Kashfa after acquiring vast amounts of gold and riches. Once there the group pretended to be merchants who had been travelling the Golden Circle, led by the stunning yet flamboyantly dressed Dominic. The cousins threw a lavish party sure to catch the eye of the nobility and thereby receive an invitation to a party at the castle. The party was a wild success and the newly arrived merchants were invited to the castle by none other than Prince Luke himself.

The following day, after a successful boar hunt, they traveled to the castle for the party after which they hoped to get Dominic down to the Pattern room. This party, while fun, was less of a success as Prince Luke became very suspicious and inquisitive of the group, especially after a strange conversation while dancing with Scarlett. Mordecai caught the eye of the Queen of Kashfa a beautiful woman named Jasra and left the party with her. After several hours of vigorous lovemaking it was clear to the Queen that these were no ordinary merchants.

Meanwhile, having seen no sign of Mordecai for the last several hours, the rest of the party decided to continue with the plan and get Dominic to the Pattern room. Unfortunately the plan was delayed while Dominic was interrogated by the Prince who was hoping to poke a hole in the merchant disguise. However, he let Dominic return to his room and from there the group proceeded cautiously down to the lower levels of the castle.

Things were proceeding well, until the group reached a guard station. The guards were quickly dispatched but unfortunately due to a miscommunication one was killed in the process. Abandoning all attempts at subtlety the group dashed to the Pattern room only to find that the doorway had been bricked over. Morgana efficiently removed the problem of the bricks and then quickly re-bricked the doorway to give Dominic a bit more time to walk the Pattern.

The group watched as Dominic traversed the broken Pattern amidst showers of sparks, walking carefully in between the lines. Suddenly the door exploded chunks of brick flying in all directions. In the doorway stood Prince Luke of Kashfa also known as Rinaldo son of Brand. Thankfully, due to the quick-thinking of Evangeline, a fight was avoided and an arrangement was made that the King of Begma would have found unfavorable in the extreme. However, in exchange for this service, Rinaldo offered the support of the army of Kashfa for when the cousins decided to recapture Amber. Mordecai and the Queen joined them and the group from Haven along with their new allies watched Dominic finish walking the broken Pattern and then disappear.

Bits and Pieces
Session 6 (By Mordecai)

It is said by the Rebman people that one day what they thought was an invincible shield was pierced, and not by any mighty wizard, but a mere octopus. In time, the octopus landed in the main square, and became a naked woman. They will be talking about it in the Drowning Mermaid for four or five hundred years hence, at least.

Thus did Ilayne come to Rebma, seeking the ability to walk in Shadow. Introductions were a bit rough at first, but eventually she was reunited with her brother Taim, and given leave by the Queen to walk Rebma’s Pattern. The Pattern of Rebma was very strange in those days, and Ilayne required help in the form of song from several of her cousins who were living there in Rebma.

Though she bade the Rebman Pattern take her back to Haven, it either had a more willful mind than the Pattern of Amber, or could not do so. She found herself in her Shadow of Durance, and was horrified to see that her people were fallen.

Ilayne rushed back to Haven, and requested aid for her people. Her Cousins were reluctant however. They were setting out to check on the status of their cousin Seren, and Ilayne needed to rest in any case. So most set out to check on Seren, while Ilayne gathered her strength.

Seren’s shadow was very strange, a maze of caverns and mushrooms, some diseased, some not. Reports from some of the Amberites who ventured there indicated that pretty much the entire populace of the Shadow were quite mad. Worse, Seren was long dead, or captured, so the Amberites had to return with nothing.

Ilayne, now rested, had changed her mind on the action she wanted help with. Instead of rushing in with forces, she would scout first. So she and Scarlett set forth to see what they could see.

Ilayne and Scarlett did not like to talk about what happened there, after, but they came under attack by demons and were sorely pressed. Only quick Trump action by Evangeline and Morgana, combined with brash heroics from Mordecai were able to save them. Indeed, it was so close a thing that were Scarlett and Ilayne not as mighty as they are, they could not have escaped from that place, even with help.

Tired, and feeling the stress of being thrown together under such intense circumstances at last, tempers began to fray. Scarlett and Morgana began an escallating war of pranks, one that seemed to be heading in an ugly direction indeed.

Through all of this, Domanic remained absent, his cousins began to worry in earnest. Still, without any way to locate him, all they could do was wait, recuperate, and continue to plan their reclamation of Amber.

The Task at Hand
Session 7 (By Ilayne)

All great moments begin somewhere along the line with a plan. And all great plans begin with great legends of men and women. Our tale brings us many of these elements, and begins to weave what may well be the greatest attempt at saving Amber in its long history.

The doors of Haven opened for our once unlikely heroes, each setting off into shadow of their own devices. Once forgotten children of Amber, they had taken their birthright and put it to the most strenuous use imaginable.

Moredacai stayed in a shadow named Khorsgrad, spending his month in a terrible state of long, long days and short nights. His goal, to build a city to house their army, from the ground up in but a month’s time.

Morgana disappeared between worlds, her affections being the source of her success. With a keen eye watching Camelot, she ensured that what had happened to Ilayne’s home, did not happen to hers. And with a deadly sweet smile, the Enchantress of legend procured the loyalty and aid of the Purple Prince, by aiding him in the conquering of the world’s other colors.

Scarlett slipped into shadow, eager to escape the threat of frills and makeup, and return to a more comfortable state of being. Around her, she gathered an adept force, rough and savage men who knew their way around a gun as well as they knew their way with a sword.

Dominic sought out his hidden door, Door 101, and requested a meeting with the Duchess Vinta Bayle, his mother. Their reunion spanned the course of the month, as did a great number of projects started by the Lord Dominic, making as much use of the mechanical army provided to him as was possible.

Ilayne set off along the coast line, discovering a shadow prime for recruitment. After taking command of one of the isles along the coast line, her rule spread a great ways. She spent her month simply gathering soldiers, and a great many of them.

Evangeline sought out a shadow where time progressed much more quickly. Here she brushed up on her own sailing skills, preparing herself to lead their Navy into Amber’s harbor, against the dozen Chaos warships that loomed at the docks.

With their month gone fast behind them, our heroes all made it back to Haven one by one. The decision was made to enact the rescue operation for Vash’s sister, Naomi. It was a dangerous plan, but one that our heroes of Haven met head on. Abruptly, they appeared in the great hall of Prydain, and set upon the guards with a swift ferocity that no mere shadow man – or demon – could withstand.

Quickly, they rushed for the basement, held off by four great Satyrs in plate armor. Through the masterful manipulation by Morgana, their armor turned to leather, and though Arawn and Kolder were close on their heels, our heroes stayed one step ahead. The satyr guards fell, and with Dominic’s enraged fire elemental to block the hall, they slipped down the stairs, barring the steel door behind them.

It was there they met Malificent, through a wall of green fire with phantasmal skulls roiling within it. Attacking the fire with Pattern, Morgana paved a way for her companions to slip through, and a battle ensued. A battle of blades turned into a contest of powers as Tempest unleashed a string of lightning to combat the flow of flames Malificent threw at Moredacai. And a battle of minds between the woman and Evangeline began, which resulted in Evangeline’s head being lit aflame by the same green fire from the hall.

The stairwell behind the combatants collapsed under Morgana’s will, holding off Kolder and Arawn for the last few moments they needed. Ilayne, Scarlett and Dominic battled with the swarm of large spiders that streamed down the walls. And with Evangaline’s brave distraction, Moredacai successfully beheaded Malificent before she could escape, an action hindered by Evangeline’s mind. A great explosion rocked the hallway, taking down both Ilayne and Moredacai, but our heroes escaped with Naomi.

Now, Naomi and Vash are both welcomed in Haven (though begrudgingly by some), and the focus once again turns upon the fate of Amber. Just a few more preparations, and their plan would be ready to enact. How the legends of Haven will fare, next time in Shades of Amber.

No Laughing Matter
Session 8 (By Ilayne)

With Naomi rescued, and our heroes recovered, a new plan was hatched. The knowledge that Naomi knew the Eidolon, and more importantly where it was, was brought into light. And our heroes being Lords and Ladies of action, of course decided to make a move.

Trusting Naomi to lead them safely to one of the three locations that housed the Eidolon, our heroes traveled through a disturbing landscape. Across the sky were massive moving images of trumps held in the Eidolon’s grasp. The images depicted the construct’s prey, and left various members of the party feeling more than unsettled.

Despite the great tricks of vision played upon the group, where the distances shifted, and the ground giving way under any given step, the brave members of Haven reached their destination. They ascended the stairs boldly, and found themselves looking down upon the heart of the Eidolon. The great pillar of iridescent tendrils put out a wash of purple light, and our heroes approached the column with little fear — at least, none that was voiced aloud.

With the aid of Naomi, several trumps were wrestled from the grasp of the Eidolon, saving — for a time — the individuals depicted. From there, the goal was to rescue the Princess Fiona, mother of Evangeline. But plans did not go as smoothly as hoped. Some ventured back up the stairs, while the others remained, to lend their skills in rescuing their aunt Fiona.

It was then that the lady Harlequin was encountered. A oddity of a woman, dressed in a multi-hued body suit that befitted a medieval court jester, and with a gleaming blade upon her hip. It was discovered she was employed by the King of Chaos, Mandor, to hunt down and kill the members of Haven, but seemed undecided upon her acceptance of the job. However, Dominic soon learned that to scoff at her apparel however, was a dangerous thing to do, and soon found himself in a duel with a master of the blade.

Leaving Dominic’s leg badly injured, the Harlequin left the first group, only to discover the second upon the bottom of the stairs. And with the news that she was debating still upon whether or not to accept the job to kill those who stood before her, news that Mordecai made quite clear he did not approve of, yet another duel ensued.

Unfortunately for some of the Havenites, and more so for Harlequin, the battle escalated quickly. The command to take the woman hostage was issued, and Ilayne and Evangeline rushed quickly to aid Mordecai, each woman taking a dagger from their ‘elder.’ A wound to the hip for Ilayne, and a terrifying wound to the chest, for Evangeline. And Mordecai, whose patience had worn beyond thin, found a curse of his blood laid upon him as he choked the Harlequin into unconsciousness.

Now our heroes find themselves in Haven once again, tending wounds and nursing soured moods. A darkness has settled upon our heroes of Haven. But it is surely not enough to impede them, to deter them from their goal.

Upon All Fronts
Session 9 (By Ilayne)

When we last left our heroes, a cloud had settled over some heads. Evangeline lay in the infirmary, having taken a grave wound to the chest. And Mordecai was not a pleasant man to be around, his mood dark and brooding. A great weight that all members could feel, had fallen upon the man, brought upon by the uttering of an elder’s blood curse.

Tensions in Haven were high, but as expected, it did not stop our heroes’ progress.

Instead of murdering Harlequin, Mordecai chose to bide his time, as he considered fashioning a deal with her that would require her to acquire the Jewel from Mandor, and return it to him in exchange for her life. And deals, some earlier struck, with Merlin came to fruition. Armies were gathered and transported. Behind the scenes, Mordecai strengthened his claim to become the King of Amber, accepting Edwyn as Reagent, and though he declined Luthair’s offer, managed to provide an alternative to the Rebman’s liking, bringing Rebma’s navy to bear for the cause. And thus began the stages of great battle to reclaim Amber.

Upon the sea over fifteen hundred warships gathered to combat the black sailed enemy forces. And with the aid of cannons which worked within Amber’s borders, and a great kraken under Luthair’s command, the naval battle was long and grisly, but the Choas forces fell beneath the onslaught.

The ground forces were met with great opposition as well. The stairs of Kolvir were painted red, but our heroes were victorious, claiming the top as theirs. The forces of Hendrake made an attempt to take back the courtyard, but between the skills of Morgana and Scarlett, the leader was forced back, and Amber’s claim to the top remained throughout the night.

And now, after many long hours of fighting, our heroes make camp in the city of Amber. The reinforcements that the Chaosites had brought were not enough. Now all that remains is the reclamation of the palace itself…

The Crown of Amber
Session 10- (By GM)

The sun rose, to a new day in Amber, a dark day. The mysterious clouds hovering above city of Amber rumbled and the bodies of the thousands of deceased began to glow with an unearthly silver light. As the thunder rolled a seemingly eternal rumble above a dark rain began to fall. The rain sparked upon landing, releasing a black vapor burning flesh. Panic ensued amongst the many men still out in the streets and the forces retreated under cover.

Kisten reported from the naval forces that the Black Channel was also glowing, fading away and seeming to flow into the black clouds above the city. At the reserve post upon the western outskirts of Arden the Unicorn appeared to Ilayne and Evangeline. Both Ilayne and Evangeline were healed by he Unicorn and Evangeline gifted a magical staff. Ilayne had a vision, which showed the pattern under assault and a Black Unicorn galloping towards the city.

The Amberites gathered together in a large merchants consortium converted into the armies headquarters. A council was gathered and many were for moving on the palace immediately, using the protection granted by Morgana’s significant pattern powers and the staff granted by the Unicorn. Morgana reported that the shadow itself was becoming weaker as the rain continued to fall. Mordecai however, was insistent that no action should be taken and that it would be best to wait for the rains to end.

Before the rain end the Black Unicorn galloped through the city, and upon the edge of the main concourse stood staring up at the deserted walls of the palace. A vision was granted Morgana when she touched the Unicorn of several Chaosites, including Dara appearing quite anxious.

Eventually the rain did end, and Mordecai’s wolf guard lead the way up the now severely damaged city. Inside the Palace it became clear that some sort of fighting had broken out within the Palace. It appeared that House Helibore had betrayed Dara, unleashing demons upon there own men. Demon hounds battled the Wolf guard within the great hall, though they were mowed down by Automatic weapons supplied by Merlin.

Morgana and Scarlett lead the men upwards through the palace, facing guards of Hendrake and Sawall. A final confrontation in the top floor of the Palace ended with the surrender of Dara to lady Morgana.

The rest of the Amberites fought their way down to the pattern room where two bleeding bodies lay by the pattern, apparently Dara’s children Jurt and Despil. Each of them had a crystal embedded in their chests. A black smear was visible in the center of the pattern. After the crystals were removed, a small amount of life returned to Despil, but Jurt was dead.

The Dark Unicorn urged Evangeline to walk the pattern with her staff. After some conversation, Evangeline bravely undertook this task. Cleaning the dark smears with the staff of the Unicorn while the Dark Unicorn granted her strength from behind. The pattern in Amber was cleansed, and both Evangeline and the Dark Unicorn were transported to the Primal Pattern where the body of Oberon could be seen lying near the center. This pattern was also damaged, though this was not the time to attempt a repair.

With Amber relatively secure, though the area about the city and palace was desolate the long exiled lords and ladies of Amber returned. Mordecai asked Morgana to be his queen, but she refused him, citing her love for Tamiina as a large part of her response. Mordecai announced his intention to claim the throne, with only a few voices of dissent. Prince Martin claimed that Mordecai was no king of his and left Amber, though Mordecai made it clear that his desire was that Martin stay and that even with his refusal to support him Martin would always be welcome in Amber. The lady Tamiina also refused to knowledge Mordecai as king, departing with Martin though she did not leave the city itself, wishing to stay near Morgana.

Mordecai handed out rewards to his favored supporters, including duchies for Luthair and Morgana, and awarding Edwyn with the regency. A few days later Mordecai was crowned King of Amber, with the crown being passed form Havenite to Havenite until Mordecai was crowned by his regent Edwyn.


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