A Letter Concerning the Subtleties of Negotiation


I believe it is possible that we may need to reevaluate how we deal with the Glories. I was recuperating in my cabin when I was visited by a Glory. Her name was Lavetta and of course she was after my swords, which was no surprise. Since the quarters were rather tight and I was still wounded from the fight with Malkazar, a fight between us would have been heavily weighted in her favor. It’s times like that when I really wish I had a blaster gun like yours!

What surprised me about the encounter, was that she seemed somewhat willing, albeit a bit reluctant, to discuss the matter. Both sides usually attack instantly so I think caught her off guard since we have never tried to talk before. It is entirely possible that we may be able to negotiate with them, and we may be able to obtain something interesting in exchange for the sparks. She says that sparks are different from the pattern but are as important to them as the pattern is to our family. I think you and I can both understand the lengths to which they would go to retrieve their sparks.

I would need to do some experimentation, but I think it might be possible to remove whatever the “spark” is, from our pattern objects without damaging them or reducing their effectiveness. Would you be interested in assisting with some experimentation? Lavetta is open to the possibility of us experimenting and attempting to come up with a satisfactory solution for both sides, although it requires a great deal of explaining to educate her about how our people think differently than the other Glories. The subtleties of negotiation are completely lost on her.

Let me know if you would be interested.


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A Letter Concerning the Subtleties of Negotiation

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