An Urgent Missive Regarding Luthair's Condition

A small grey bird flies into camp and through the pulled-back curtains of the command tent. It lands with a small flutter of it’s wings on the table and settles down next to Scarlett’s hand which was pointing at the castle on the map. On it’s leg is a scroll with small, cramped cursive.



Luthair is still alive. Wanted to keep you informed.

His condition is critical. Tamiina still working on stabilizing him. She thinks he’ll pull through, to be honest not sure how she can tell…he’s quite a mess.

Anyway, wanted to let you know that we think he’ll make it. Also, Treveyn’s army is about 4 hours from the city. Breaking camp shortly. Army will resume marching. Leaving a squad with Tamiina so she can continue working on Luthair. Not sure when it will be safe to move him.

See you soon, be safe.

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An Urgent Missive Regarding Luthair's Condition

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