A construct that was integral in the defeat of Amber by Chaos. It was a mystical experiment of Merlin’s was co-opted by Mandor for his own purposes. The primary abilities of the Eidolon appear to be to sense and track Amberites through Trump. In addition to locating targets, it seems able to dispatch forces quite rapidly to said locations, and in one circumstance it materialized itself in the shadow. The full extent of its powers are unknown, however it does have the limitation that it can only track those of whom it possess a trump.

According to Merlin there are actually three Eidolons, or perhaps it exists in three locations: one near Chaos, one near Amber, and one directly between those two poles of existence. When asked by Mordecai if he could destroy it Merlin appeared uncertain.

The terminal near Chaos has been destroyed by Primal Chaos; the terminal near Amber has been bound by Merlin’s magic. Merlin, displeased with how his creation has run amok, plans to destroy all three terminals with the help of his cousins.



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