As we entered the central chamber the torches and candles flared to life revealing a medieval chamber. In the center was a small oak table, clearly to small for the chamber that surrounded it. As more of us entered the room we watched astounded as the table grew in size, growing large enough to accommodate all of us, chairs materializing out of nowhere. What was this place?

Haven is a magical building or world designed as a refuge for the those of Amber. A grand stair exits haven, apparently floating in darkness with doors occasionally found upon the landings. Each of these doors opens to a different world. In addition to this grand stair, there also exist doors leading to each of the children of Amber’s home worlds.

Structure of Haven

The dimensions of Haven do not seem to be constant; hallways appear and disappear as needed and often don’t lead to where they once did. So far a list of the current rooms includes…

  • Armory A collection of weapons and other equipment suitable to a variety of worlds.
  • Entry Way Contains eleven Pattern-etched doors leading to the Amberites’ worlds.
  • The Grand Stair A great door leading to the stairs and many worlds. A guidebook of worlds rests on a stand with the names of worlds and their door number.
  • The Room of Doors A now-defended room from whence come the youths of Amber. There are eleven doors within this room of doors, each leading to the original home world of a member of Haven.
  • Great Hall A central chamber with a magical table that both creates food for those who are hungry, as well as grows to accommodate any number of guests. Numerous hallways exit the great hall to various rooms.
  • Infirmary A fully equipped medical ward.
  • Personal Quarters A hallway lined with rooms for each of the Amberites.
  • Library A large two-story library with windows overlooking the ocean, apparently a replica of the library in Amber.
  • Supply Room A fully stocked room of various hardware and building tools and supplies.
  • Barracks A wide wing large enough to house up to one hundred men at arms. Separated by a gatehouse and portcullis.
  • Dungeon A lower chamber of barred cells, found below the barracks.



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