Ilayne's Journal

Chapter 1 – Birthright

Stairway to Heaven [Session One]
Beast Within [Session Two]
Time [Session Three]
Surprises [Session Four]

Chapter 2 – The Road to Amber

Masquerade [Session Five]
A Door Is Closed [Session Six]
Salt In the Wound [Session Seven]
Maw of the Beast [Session Eight]
Consequences [Session Nine]
Finale [Session Ten]


Days Gone By [Fifteen Months – Amber Time]

Chapter 3 – A Brave New World

Forgotten [Session Eleven]
A New Perspective [Session Twelve]
In The Night [Session Thirteen]
No Way Out [Session Fourteen]

Chapter 4 – Fractures

Aches And Pains [Session Fifteen]
Catalyst [Session Sixteen]
Is This Home [Session Seventeen]
White Flag [Session Eighteen]
First Strike [Session Nineteen]

Chapter 5 – A New Threat Exposed

On The Brink [Session Twenty]
Familiar Faces [Session Twenty-One]
Assassination [Session Twenty-Two]
Cessation of Madness [Session Twenty-Three]

Chapter 6 – Dark Haven

Freedom [Session Twenty-Four]
No Safe Place [Session Twenty-Five]
On The Gray [Session Twenty-Six]
Price To Pay [Session Twenty-Seven]
The Reality [Session Twenty-Eight]
Expulsion [Session Twenty-Nine]
In Desperation [Session Thirty]

Ilayne's Journal

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