Morgana's Journal

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Volume I

A Letter [Session 1]
A Pressed Rose [Session 2 – Part I]
A Sister [Session 2 – Part II]
A Meeting with the King [Session 3]
A Rescue [Session 4]
A New Ally [Session 5]

Another Chance [Excerpt]
A Colorful Army [Excerpt]
A Poor Choice [Excerpt]
A Short Trip to Rebma [Excerpt]
A Child in Chaos [Excerpt]

Volume II

A Letter of Apology [Session 11]
A Letter and A Box [Session 12]
A Letter to Her Steward [Session 13]
A Letter to the King [Session 14]
A Letter to Her Housekeeper [Session 15]
A Letter to A Friend [Session 16]
A Letter Regarding the Werewolves [Session 17]
A Letter to Her Sister [Session 18]
A Letter to the Modiste [Session 19]
A Letter to A Lover [Session 20]
A Letter to A Knight [Session 21]
A Letter to Her Son [Session 22]
A Letter to the Chancellor [Session 23]
A Letter of Impending Pregnancy [Session 24]
A Letter to a Mentor [Session 25]
A Letter Regarding Ilayne’s Unfortunate Experience [Session 26]
A Letter Regarding the Storm [Session 27]

Volume III

A Letter to Her Father [Session 28]
A Letter Regarding Tristan’s Accomplishment [Session 29]
A Letter to a Comrade [Session 30]
A Letter Regarding the Outdated Infirmary [Session 31]
A Letter About an Excellent Lover [Session 32]
A Letter Mentioning Murdilation [Session 33]
A Letter Regarding Impending Rescue [Session 34]
A Letter Requesting Research Aid [Session 35]
A Letter to Mandor [Session 36]
A Letter Confirming Parentage [Session 37]
A Letter of Gratitude [Session 38]

Volume IV

The Remains of a Letter [Session 39]
A Letter Regarding the Broken Pattern [Session 40]
The Remains of a Letter [Session 41]
The Remains of a Letter [Session 42]
A Letter to Ariah [Session 43]
A Letter Concerning the Subtleties of Negotiation [Session 44]
An Urgent Missive Regarding Luthair’s Condition [Session 45]

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Morgana's Journal

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