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“Rebma is the ghost city.” he told me. “It is the reflection of Amber within the sea. In it, everything in Amber is duplicated, as in a mirror. Llewella’s people live there, and dwell as though in Amber.”
Nince Princes in Amber


Rebma is one of the first two shadows of Amber, and is its exact mirror image. It exists underwater and may be reached from Faiella-bionin, the stairway to Rebma. It is a long stair that descends deep into the water located perhaps twenty miles south of Mount Kolvir. The city is the home to Llewella and boasts a mirror image of the pattern. Rebma is ruled by Queen Moire. The people of Rebma tend to green, purple or black hair. Men and women alike tend to go bare chested.

During the war with chaos somehow Rebma was hidden away, becoming unreachable even to those with power over shadow. Llewella and Bleys were believed to be responsible for this effect. According to Bleys, a new power has replaced the pattern in Rebma, though what abilities it may grant is currently unclear.

Rebman Royalty
Rebma has always been closely tied to Amber, but since the fall of that great city it has grown significantly itself. Its royal family is loosely connected, but includes the children of Bleys, Llewella, and Vialle by Random.




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