Session 29 - Dragons

My imagination is a powerful thing. I’ve now found that Trumps are telepathic links that work without magictech and simply require concentration on a specially prepared portrait. What’s more I’ve delved into the library briefly and found a few answers, but most of the books lack proper definitions. It makes sense, since I’m sure my mind back in the Cube is having a hard enough time coming up with all of these cousins and uncles.

It seems I have quite a few of them; which probably stems from my desires when I was younger from wanting a family to belong too. Though I do seem to have a problem with making the family one that gets along with each other. I suppose it’s to keep me interested so I don’t wake up?

I also keep getting forbidden to clean things, which is one of my favorite past times but apparently the other me has decided I’m done with that for now. I’ll have to find a way to trick it into letting me, less I become to stressed out from lack of work. Also, I hate my tastebuds because every drink that’s been handed to me has been disgusting.

There are creatures called draggins now, and they have taken the place called after the color of amber. Apparently, the pattern is there and we must defeat them so that I and some of my other cousins can use it. However, it’s buried underneath lava, so some excavation will be needed after the dragon purge.

Truly, how do I come up with these things? Unfortunately, my imagination isn’t quite strong enough to give me draggin fighting power, but was clever enough to give it to my family; who are all quite adept at battling such monsters.

I do wonder why I didn’t give any of them wings or normal ears and such. Maybe so I feel special? E-lane is the friendliest of my delusional family, and has offered to answer any questions I might ask. Oddly, whenever I try to think of a specific question the overload of all the questions I have are simply too much to pick one, so I end up just nodding and smiling.

I had one of my cousins call me an elph, which sounds like an abbrevation of some kind. But, it does mean that there are other elphs around somewhere. Will they have wings as well?

One things for sure, despite the draggins and the strange places I hope I never wake up and come to my senses in my Cube. Darkness still unnerves me and I fear every time I am in complete darkness that when next I see light it will only illuminate a ten by ten room.

Session 29 - Dragons

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