Session 31 - Happiness

I have not been able to do so much cooking for a long time. Even out in shadow I was to busy experimenting with my imagination to get right down to it. Work like this makes everything better. Clears the mind and restores the soul. I can do anything while I’m servanting! For the first time since getting my memories back everything felt right.

I was in a good mood already from the encounter with Mandor though. Unlike any King I’ve ever met. Oh so very polite, kind, and caring. Ah, the me back in my Cube, thank you for these delusions. They are so beautiful I sometimes forget none of it is real. Or perhaps it is? Even now I begin to fear that the meeting with my father will end all of this wonderous place and cause me to wake up to the darkness. The darkness where my wings don’t glow and there is no one there. Not even me… but enough of that, let’s revel in the now.

I think I actually have a chance of ending the war in chaos. If Elaine agrees to go with Mandor and set herself up as Queen of her house, then things should go quite well. Speaking of things going well, I managed to strike a blow against Dakin. A fatal one I hope.

It’s all thanks to Mandor. I had no idea how I was going to deal with Dakin. He was far more powerful than me and I don’t know if my cousins, who also hate him, would go the extra length of doing away with him. Curse him. I hope his bones rot in the earth and animals desecrate his grave for what he did to me. It’s unforgiveable…but now I’ll have my revenge. I didn’t know revenge tasted so nummy. I can see how people get addicted. I’ll have to be careful. Do I hate anyone other than Dakin? No one comes to mind. That’s a good sign.

I got wounded in battle. It’s my first truly painful wound. It hurt a lot and for a moment I thought I might wake up. But I didn’t. If I’m not there in my Cube and this is all, infeasible as it is, real, then… Best play it safe and act like it’s real. The wounds and pain are real enough, along with my emotions. Ha ha, Mandor. xoxo I’m so delusional and I love it. What a great day.

Session 31 - Happiness

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