Session 33 - Typicalities

If there weren’t things to cook right now I might rather be Awake back in my Cube instead of in this fantasy world of mind. Get over yourself already, peoples lives aren’t worth things it doesn’t matter how sentimental they are. I was offering to replace them but no, they’re all crazy about it. I wonder sometimes if people in power simply go mad or they become such. Luckily, though I am an Amberite whathaveyou, I certainly don’t have problems working with the servants.

For instance Evangeline tells me that Dworkin and Oberon (who I now know far to much boring facts about because of that book) were the ones who probably made these pattern swords in the first place. Of course Dworkin won’t be helping Amber people and Oberon is dead apparently. Now, that wouldn’t be a problem if one of them would of trained apprentices to help people in the future. But did they? No, of course not. Because if they shared information that would give other people power that they had, and oh gosh we musn’t let others have power even if it will greatly help all of manki- Amberitekind, because well what if they use it against us someday? Or now I lose my power because others have it? Well you morons, that is exactly what is wrong with ruling authorities. People who withhold information deem themselves your master in their mind.

Oh! But but Azriel, I hear them say, if others have power and knowledge that we have, won’t they someday rise up and depose us? Well you fools, if everyone has the power and knowledge you have then you’re quite right, you aren’t really needed to rule over them, you’re there to help them. And they will in turn help you. Sure it might not always work out that way but if more kings, queens, dukes, and other idiotic people in power would learn to live in a servants world for a time maybe they’d realize that without everyone underneath them they don’t have anything anyway. Ugh. Just plain ridiculous.

So once again, myself in the Cube, I don’t know what you’re thinking but this unicorn stuff is not interesting. And no, I will not go into the Abyss or risk my life to try and get a lost sword. And no, I will not be seeking a replacement anymore because I don’t enjoy childish games and powertrips. I know, I’m crazy, but so are you for dreaming this stuff up for me.

I’m sure Morgana or Scarlet will have me executed soon, or frame me for something I didn’t do. It is the usual way these people work, rather than realize there was no choice but to toss the swords into the hole. If Morgana had the sword she’d be getting murdered by Sparkies anyway, I almost did her a favor. Ha ha ha. Well, enough inner monologuing, I need to finish setting up some more of these magitek cookers. The servants can’t use them but I can do the work of a hundred servants in a quarter of the time with them. Plus, the food I make tastes way better. Except for Gaphon, I just can’t figure out what he’s doing to make the food taste like that…

Session 33 - Typicalities

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