Session 34 - Imaginations

So that’s working anyway. Or almost working. There’s some bugs I need to keep working on, but eventually it should let me have some more fun without worrying quite as much about running out of things to do. A few more tests…

Also, Merlin has some nerve ditching out right before trouble comes. He could of warned us that danger was imminent instead of just leaving us high and dry! And really, who builds their airships without a ton of armaments? Well, I know of some people that have, but they would of been really useful. I feel sorry for the trains…at least I didn’t make them self-aware or anything, although that could be fun. A living train to joke with on long trips! Like the one’s with the big faces on the front that talk. Hmmm…maybe I’ll try that out sometime.

Other things to play with are my pendant. Need to check on those doors and see if it can hold more than one? It seems dangerous if they can, someone could just steal everyone’s doors and take off rendering Haven a bit useless. Also, everyone needs to make a deal with Mandor and be done with the war business. I know, I know me, you think war is a constant, but it’s okay you don’t have to put it in my wonderland. Just like I don’t need to be repressed by Above’s etc. Really, it’s okay, let’s just have fun from now on.

I thought for sure I’d be accused of some crime I didn’t do by now, maybe Morgana and Scarlet just haven’t got around to framing me properly yet… Hm. Morgana didn’t stick around for the attack either, I wonder if she knew it was coming as well? My curiosity wants me to explore further on where these Roc’s came from in the first place and how we switched shadows. It’s easy to throw conclusions and theories around, but when you do that there’s just more reason for people to target you!

Also, the unicorn of Amber needs to get in on this business and start pulling her weight. Just because you’re a religious icon doesn’t mean your exempt from some elbow grease work. No one is nor should they ever be. Sounds like Utopia…

Sometimes I wonder what I will do if I when I wake up in my cube…will I remember how to cry in the darkness? This is such a good fantasy, just keep it up me. And make sure I don’t meet my dad. I thought Dakin would be my catalyst but he’s been demised so it must be meeting my father that’s going to trigger the crumbling of this reality. Thanks for the fun so far, despite me disliking some of these inhaibtants you’ve created.

Session 34 - Imaginations

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