Session 36 - Demonitis

Really myself? Really? Demon blood? Chaos blood? Whatever you want to call it. I can’t believe how complicated you are making things. Maybe you just really want to be with Mandor. I can see why, he is quite flattering. Still…ugh, I dislike accepting that.

The sparkies showed up yet again, a couple of times. Oh, and no one ever thanked me for helping figure out the EnZathi scrolls. Nobody. Never. Really people? Really? I don’t mind helping but some appreciation is in order. What’s more they are very condescending lately. I suppose I’ll just stop volunteering to help with problems from now on and just watch them build up.

Speaking of, those sparkies are really annoying and hurtful. Honestly, how can you blame me for killing you when you were trying to kill me first? I have to defend myself. I can’t just roll over and die when you attack me. Pffffff. Such an Above way of thinking. I suppose it’s to be expected. I wonder if another condition for ending this fantasy would be to take over the universe and change how everything works? Silly condition to set since I’ll never do it. Think of all the cleaning I’d miss out on.

I suppose I won’t get thanked for all the wounds and blood I got recently, either. Seriously, my bloodline is just a bunch of pompous, rude, and ungrateful people. Just like the Above’s. It’d be nice if at least one of them had a heart. Am I listening?

Session 36 - Demonitis

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