Session 37 - Abyssapalities

Okay…so next time I should probably just leave but we were so close to getting Scarlet’s sword back I just couldn’t go through the Trump. I figured a combined attack at just the right moment would settle everything. But I think Scarlet can’t count because she wasn’t ready when I dive bombed the knight. So now I have a broken hip along with a bunch of other bruises, pains, and a hole in my shoulder from a spear! Nothing to do but lay here and Trump people. It’s going to be a pain to clean things in the near future…

Got the sword back though, so now they can stop whining about it. My hip is killing me. I need to get to a magitek shadow and jump into a healing combobulator. I just don’t want to move…

I wonder if I’m sharing the same pains in my cube? It’ll be interesting to see.

Apparently I get to have brothers now, though one is dead and the others are in another universe with my fatrher. Is one being deqd some message from me in the cube? Not sure what it could mean…though with Dakin around again it’ll probably be okay to see my father now since that,s another objective unresolved. I just don’t want to Wake Up; this world, though paunful, is better than the nothingness in the cube.

Session 37 - Abyssapalities

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