Session 38 - Family

I had memories of my father from when I was younger when he would intermittently visit me and my mother in shadow. He’s much the same as my memory says, though now I have far more siblings than I thought.

It’s okay, I don’t mind. It’s nice to have a family, I’m just surprised how many I decided to have exist. I wonder if each one represents a different aspect to my psyche? Well, it doesn’t matter. At least my father seems like a good man, in some respects, though he needs to be a bit more clean. It’ll give me something to do at least.

The sparkies (or glories, though that name is to similar to Above’s for my tastes) are some ancient beings from before Amber and Chaos or something. From what I gather, we need to go find their origination place and use a machine or device there to lock them back in to their eternal prison. It’s probably going to be very complicated but if we don’t do it then they’ll ruin our shadows as they have the ones over here. So, nothing for it but to fix it.

Evangeline and everyone else wants more information, so I assume they’re going to go ask Corwin about what he knows and move from there. I find that when I see something wrong, a spot on the floor for instance, my inclination is not to think and plot out how to fix it, but to simply go and take care of it. My relatives seem to want to analyze the spot, see what the spot will do, how removing the spot will affect the floor, wether or not it’s even safe to approach the spot in the first place, and be sure to have five extra plans on what will occur if while cleaning the spot another appears or it is unable to be removed. It’s a little strange, but at least they’re thorough. Hm. Thorough but not swift.

I wonder how long I’ll get to spend time with my family. Though, now having met my father, I can’t go and kill Dakin can I? Lest I awake and my lovely fantasy come to an end and the darkness take me yet again.

Session 38 - Family

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