Session 41 - Murder

Elaine is dead. Evangeline and I think possibly Morgana murdered her. I helped in subduing her physical body, but I really didn’t stop her it was beyond my ability, so I don’t feel any personal guilt. Furthermore, I was of the understanding that we were going to get rid of Bane rather than murder Elaine to accomplish that task. Oops? I underestimated Evangeline’s murderous nature. I already knew Morgana had one.

This pales in comparison to the massive deaths that are about to befall bright, once its creator decides to erase it from existence, dooming all of those within to destruction. And why? On the chance that it will slow down, if not magically stop, the sparkies. There’s no evidence this is going to do anything to them, and in fact there’s evidence it will make them come into our universe that much faster. It’s about the dumbest plan I have ever heard of. One because it murders unfathomable amounts of people, and two because there is no guarantee of any kind of result that the makers of the plan desire. They seem to just want to erase a universe and hope for the best. Insane. Murderously insane.

Elaine being killed by Evangeline and Morgana makes me wonder what my sleeping mind is trying to tell me. She was working with Dakin so I’m not overly sad, but murder is a bit of a final thing and not something to my tastes. Am I telling myself that things are coming to a close by erasing those that support and help Dakin? I’ve met my father so he is the only real lynchpin left in the key. With any luck I’ll avoid him forever in the future and not have to worry too much about it.

I got some good cleaning done at my fathers, alas now the place is about to be erased from existence. Oh, it’s possible some Amberites are still there, we’re not really sure on all that from what I can tell. And if they are in there…oops I guess? Disgusting immoraly murderous beings are my relatives. Everytime I look at Evangeline and Corwin I feel a little sick inside.

Session 41 - Murder

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