Session 44 - Convergence

Once again I have to wonder if I am not in my Cube, but am in fact living this life out here in the world of shadows. Dakin has told me that he didn’t place the Mark in the servants chambers where I slept, and that in fact it was likely Kisten. So did Kisten lie to me, or did I just infer to much from what he said after my rescue? I don’t really know who to believe, and Kisten is probably still off in shadow losing his mind in alcohol. So who do I hate now?

Nobody? I have to hate one of them. One of them put me in the Cube. Which one is lieing and which is telling the truth? I want to say Dakin, because I’ve hated him for a long time. But all of my hate comes from the original idea that he caused all of my early troubles. He’s done other stuff to my family though, so I still have reasons to not like him. Kisten meanwhile faded away from my fantasy after Mordekai’s release. It would of been nice if this information had come to me before I was thrown into a bacta tank and left healing for three months. Lot more time to think about it.

Who to hate, who to hate. I don’t like Dakin at all, and Kisten did help me escape. So if Kisten did put me in there, he also helped me out. But only after I went looney and started imagining all of this. What a hassle. Perhaps I’ll just hate both of them until I can ask Kisten about it again. Yes…I’ll do that. It makes things easier.

Well, everything that’s anyone is coming to the isle of Drake, including the sparkies. I’m glad I don’t own one of those pattern swords. I hope we can get Viale and the others out before they’re killed. No one can really agree on an escape attempt, though they were trying to get Aria out before I left to help Scarlet (who was fine).

I’m still mad that Vermog has taken off. Next time I’ll summon a magitek dragon who won’t go running at the fifth sign of danger.

Session 44 - Convergence

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