Session 45 - Invasion

I got out. I’m having trouble thinking, but everyone else got out with me. There’s another battle going on against Rinaldo. Why are we even fighting him? We should forge an alliance and deal with the people in the temple. Hand over Luthair on the condition Rinaldo doesn’t kill him, then attack the temple together. Maybe it’s too late for that because Luthair is injured already? How’d that happen?

I lost a leg. My magic is keeping it numb, but I know it hurts. I’ll have to summon an enchanted magitek one, like with my finger. How long will that take? I don’t have the energy for it right now. Scarlet’s working on Merlin, who is totally crisped. I think we’re about to get overrun if we don’t do something. Doesnt seem like we have anyone to stand up to Rinaldo though. Maybe we should surrender?

My legs missing. It got chopped off so fast. I can’t believe that man saw me coming. He’s lucky I didn’t kill him. I just couldn’t do it. He was all dazed and out of it already from my attacks. And I was being choked. Will it come back to haunt me? What if he takes more than my leg in the future because I let him live? Like my neck? Maybe that’s the price you pay in Amber for not being a murderer, one’s own life. Then again Elaine died and all she did was set Dakin free. Agh, Dakin…

I talked to Kisten. I think I believe him over Dakin. Dakin probably knew I’d side with MOrdecai in the fight against him and he’d be outmatched with Martin at my side. Blast, it would of been a good time to get my revenge. I might of missed my only chance; but maybe Mordecai killed him. A girl can dream.

I hope I get to have some words with Dworkin. He’s been causing so much trouble I’d like to get some answers before we beat him to an inch of his life (or beyond if Evangeline and Morgana are around?). When does the Convergence end? After we defeat the people in the temple? That seems like a good time. I think I’m going to pass out, I better fly to a safer place.

Ahhh, wait, Scarlet can’t fix Merlin. He’s not breathing either. I don’t have enough strength for a spell! Even with my artifact. Wait, the spikard of course. It feels nice on my finger and there’s so much magic channeled through it, the spell goes off easily enough. Okay, hopefully that will help. Now how’s Mar—-

Session 45 - Invasion

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