Session 47 - Love

The black unicorn trots next to me at a pace slower than I want, for the horizon’s end is coming closer every minute. Each time I look towards it, it seems to of traveled that much closer. I’ve tried to stop looking for the moment.

I’m glad Scarlet has come with me, along with this man Bodin. Though, I don’t think Scarlet realized it might be a one way trip until moments ago. We likely will die in our attempt to stop the other pattern being drawn. If not, then in the horizons end that consumes us. Then again, they have a jewel, and while I have never prayed before, I have a prayer in mind I will cast out if I can just get my hands around that gem.

A lot of people died today. I tried to save them all but I passed so many disfigured soldiers on my trek here that I know most have perished. The few stragglers with us are even now lagging behind, the life that makes them life being removed from existence. I left Dakin out of the spell and Rinaldo left Luthair out. Unfortunately, Rinaldo didn’t make it. I believe he was consumed within the power of the spell. If only Merlin had been there maybe he would of made it…

I considered not naming Morgana in the spell, but I knew that her knowledge of the pattern might be vital to our efforts here. Besides, I don’t know if I want her dead…at least not by my hands. The hands of others maybe.

Now is not the time for such thoughts though. We march towards the forging of a pattern, a march we likely will not come back from. But I am not a coward. I’ll fight for the world I love and the people in it, faded and diminishing though they may be. I just have to trust that my father and the others can complete their pattern in time.

While my times in this world have been fraught with difficulties, death, and many many things that need a good cleaning (including peoples souls), I’ve found I’ve become quite attatched too it all. There are things I’d like removed of course, but the only way to have a perfect world is too make it, and I don’t have that talent.

James flirtations always made me happy. And while Mandor is dead, I had dreamed of marrying him one day if I might catch him in my net. My father is a kind soul, despite what I have heard said about him, and most of my siblings are of a like mind. Had it not been erased, we might of had a happy life of it in Bright.

Is this black unicorn leading us to our deaths, or to victory? Will perhaps the white unicorn join us as well or does she walk with my father and the others drawing the pattern there? Who killed gramps anyway? It had to be done I suppose, I just had hoped…

Well, I am not kidding myself anymore. I have to kill the people we are heading towards. While those that perished in the teleportation spell were accidental, the ones I move towards will be pre-meditated murders. I feel naked without my spells and my magitek machine seems to of been erased. Still, I have my harmonic blade, my quick reflexes, and the belief that in the end we have to triumph. There is no choice but to succeed, since all other roads lead to the end of the world.

Session 47 - Love

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