Session 48 - Endgame

I broke through the demons, wrestled the gem from Finvaryn, and then I swallowed it. I didn’t have any other choice. All I could do at this point was stall for time. Boden was to badly injured and Scarlet had been taken by Taliesin’s harp. I was the only one left fighting this side of the war.

Soon enough I was beaten and my body was cut open and dug through. I tricked them though and went ghostly, sadly the gem didn’t get affected so I turned it off. It was worth it though, because it left it beyond the prior opening inside of my guts.

Then the demons started eating my body and I watched from above. I couldn’t do anything from here but float and watch. I actually killed Finvaryn though, which was more than I’d hoped to accomplish on my suicide run into here. Scarlet and Boden have been captured; I’m not sure how they’ll get out safely…

And then Evangeline, murderous Evangeline breaks into my head and manages to get the gem out just as the demons rip it from my body! Another blow and victory for our side. The final one that was needed. Now I’m sure they’ll start writing the pattern…though I’m not sure why they hadn’t started as soon as we left.

I’m dieing. Or, well, I’m dead. I’m just waiting for my spirit to go to wherever it’s going to go. I don’t regret my death at all, for with it I bought victory for our side, and I’d like to think that ours was the good side. (Even if it did have Morgana and Evangeline in it, at least there was no Dakin!)

I really didn’t want to die, but there was nothing for it. Sometimes to do a good job you have to get yourself dirty. A lesson all rulers should know and learn. I had a good life, though I would of liked to of gotten to know my father better. Maybe learn an instrument with him since he so loves music.

Farewell Amber, not all my memories of you are pleasant, but I’m glad I was taken out of my Cube.

…and then the black unicorn shows up and even takes humanoid form. I see my body filling and repairing itself with pattern energy. The flesh is scarred with its rebirth and my spirit is pulled back towards it. I am reborn into the world I love and the black unicorn blesses me with a ride through the darkness of oblivion into light.

Lo and behold, my one friend Scarlet is alive. My father and brother are alive. The Pattern is emblazoned upon the ground and shadow is, in some fashion, restored. Well gramps, I guess you got your way. The universe got reset, but luckily you weren’t the one holding the controller that started this new game.

I am so filled with life. I cannot wait to be home in Amber once again.

Session 48 - Endgame

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