Shades of Amber

Embers of Amber

Session 28-33 Notes by GM

Session 28:

Donovan arrives at Ilayne’s victory party in chaos saying that he knows where Kisten is and that he’s being held prisoner. Azreal is met in a magitech shadow which exists in a “dip” in shadow that is remarkably difficult to walk to. Kisten is captured in a strange shadow anomaly in the center of this shadow, or perhaps outside of shadow. The party rescues him from this strange warren of bright tunnels, and have a brief encounter with Deykin (his captor).

Session 29-30:

The party enters Amber to place trump gates for an invasion to oust the dragon and her spawn from Amber. The dragon itself is lured from Amber to be captured by the Eidolon but Deykin arrives and coopts the attempt, instead sending the Dragon to chaos. With the Dragon gone Amber is successfully recaptured, though Ilayne’s brother Taim was nearly killed in the attempt.

Session 31-32:

Strange creatures of light seem to be hunting items of power called Sparks, an attempt is made on both Evangeline and Morgana, both of whom are in possession of Pattern swords.


AshenHaze AshenHaze

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