Shades of Amber

The Chalice

Session 35: Notes by GM

Azreal, Evangeline and Kisten successfully acquire an island, (using funds garnered from piracy), and float said island through the magnetic storm in which Mordecai is believed to be imprisoned. Traversing this construct appears to be similar to walking the pattern and when Evangeline, and Kisten reach the center they find a glowing red light and retrieve Mordecai. Merlin was also present though he was unfortunately caught in the same trap as Mordecai. Sending Mordecai and Merlin out through Haven, Kisten partook from the red light and then brought Evangeline out of the strange location.

Ilayne traveled to House Helibore where she exchanged her and Tristan’s (Ivy’s) pendants for Deykin’s body which she then reunited with its essence. Grateful for his revival Deykin then summoned the living shadow named Hunger to defeat a Chanicut army that was besieging Ilayne’s duchy.

Morgana continued her research at House Helgram into the “disappearance” of Tamiina as well as methods for retrieving her. Having enlisted the aid of a young wizard named Morgana her next step is to visit Thelbane and convince Mandor to give her access to the Room of the Undying Flame so as to end the Ritual Tamiina had invoke (thus restoring the memories etc. that had been erased).


AshenHaze AshenHaze

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