A beautiful enchantress and noblewoman


Morgana is a tall, regal woman with a beautiful figure and fine features. Her long black hair with gently rolling waves is often left loose for comfort, and sometimes kept in a long braid that she drapes over her shoulder. The enchantress has blue-green eyes framed in thick black lashes and slightly tilted upward to give her an exotic look. Her slender frame gives her a willowy yet athletic appearance as most of what she has is muscle, and her naturally trim waist is the envy of many ladies of the court.

She is always seen garbed in the highest court fashion, and some even say that she sets the fashion. They would not be far off. Currently she favors gowns with closely fitting bodices and heart-shaped necklines. Long loose-flowing skirts for ease of movement are in fashion. She has never approved of trains, except on marriage dresses, and therefore no one is ever caught dead in a dress with a train. At present, her wardrobe is comprised of gowns in mostly royal purple and blue hues with intricate patterns stitched in silver or gold thread on the bodices.


One day when I was walking through the forest, listening to the pixy children engaged in a game of tag with a litter of chipmunks, their high-pitched squeals of excitement lending a cheerful quality to the day. I was day-dreaming of finding a place to make my own, when I stumbled across an old stone tower in a small clearing. Creeping vines trailed up the walls and a lovingly tended garden sat nearby a clear sign that the tower was inhabited. A small stream trickled by on the far edge of the clearing and a woman was filling a pale with fresh cool water.

She turned as I entered the clearing, almost as if she knew I was coming and smiled in invitation. She moved with a grace born of athleticism and hefted the heavy pail as if it weighed nothing. Her long brown hair was tied back with a string of leather and her clothing was designed for durability and ease of movement. Her green eyes gleamed with an intelligence that I found intriguing.

“I have been waiting for you to arrive. Please come in, the tea is almost ready.” She turned and entered the tower without another glance in my direction, and I followed interested. She lead the way into the kitchen which was clean and tidy, the pots and pans hanging neatly in a row on the wall and the tea kettle steaming over the hearth fire.

“How is it that you knew I was coming?” I asked as she puttered around the place. She looked at me and then glanced down and the plate of soft pastries she was placing on the table. “This might sound strange, but recently I’ve had this streak of luck. Whenever I truly wish for something, it’s come to pass. I can’t really explain it beyond that. This morning I wished for some company. And here you are…”

“That actually does not sound strange, for I too have had similar experiences. All of my life, or at least as far back as I can remember, I have been able to wish things into fruition…”
Finding such a similarity between us was almost an instant bond, as we had never found another person who had this same ability. We shared a pleasant cup of tea as we got to know one another better and she invited me to stay to supper. Tamiina was an excellent cook and we enjoyed our selves so much, that by the end of the evening we had struck up a partnership of sorts. She had a room in the tower filled with books on a wide range of topics and from her stories I could tell that she was quite talented in a variety of skills. She agreed to teach me what she knew in exchange for my coming to stay with her as she enjoyed my company.

Tamiina was a patient teacher and under her instruction I grew stronger both physically and mentally, pushing myself daily to better myself. She taught me to fight in many different styles with various weapons, and I usually found myself too exhausted at the end of the day to wonder where she had learned these things.

Our relationship was good and we grew to love each other, yet sometimes it was also odd. There were some topics she would be completely open about, and others she would refuse to discuss, even becoming sullen or angry if I pushed too far. Other than this our relationship was harmonious and everything seemed to be going well. That is until one morning when I awoke to find her gone. No note…nothing to tell me where she’d gone or when she’d be back.

I stayed for years, pouring through the volumes in Tamiina’s library, tending the garden, and waiting for her return. The anger and resentment at her abandonment built inside me with each passing day until finally I left the small tower that had once been a place of love and comfort. I traveled to a city in the north called Avalon on the edge of the Dark Forest. Wishing to surround myself with people and parties I decided to become a member of the nobility and quickly rose in their ranks when I caught the eye of the Duke Erec of Avalon.

Deciding that being the wife of a Duke would be advantageous I seduced him and willed him to propose after a short while. We were married almost immediately and I was then in a good position to lend influence to many of his decisions. Surrounded by many beautiful and intriguing nobles I led a rather scandalous life for several years, willing those around me, including my husband not to notice my indiscretions. He was a nice man, but not the brightest and eventually I grew tired of him. One night during a thunderstorm his horse lost its footing as he was headed back to the castle. He was unfortunate enough to hit his head on a rock and he died almost instantly.

Since I had been making most of the decisions regarding the Dukedom already, I continued to rule for the next several years, gathering power and influence throughout the land. I used my will to influence and in some cases remove those that would threaten my position and the dark energies of the forest lent power to my enchantment. I was respected by the townsfolk as well as feared, which seemed the best option. I gathered knights of the realm to me with astonishing ease thanks to my magical wishes and amused myself with them.

I ruled for eighty years, never aging, watching those around me grow old and die. Finally unable to stand it any longer, I left with a note saying that I would return someday. I slowly travelled toward the high-king’s seat in Camelot with thoughts of what entertainments I might fight there. Always attempting but never succeeding to completely erase the memories of Tamiina. Despite my anger toward her, I wish that she had left me some sort of explanation as to why she deserted me so suddenly…

It was a short-time later, having just entered the city of Camelot when I found a folded piece of velum in the inside pocket of my cloak…


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