A Letter Regarding the Werewolves

A note is delivered to the King’s chambers by a nervous looking page who’s shoulders tense with each howl that rents the air.


Really, this is going a bit too far don’t you think? I know you are upset with Ilayne, but for goodness sake this is ridiculous! We all (including our guests mind you) woke to a horrendous racket this morning, which apparently was your werewolves making themselves at home in Ilayne’s rooms. I understand you want to catch her if she tries to sneak in, but werewolves…really? And now they’re roaming the castle no less…This merely draws more attention to the betrayal, and we don’t need the Chaosians to witness this…

There they go again! Howling all over the place, there is nowhere one can go to escape the noise. And the servants, they are terrified! The maids are afraid to complete their duties in the royal quarters for fear of being attacked.

Please consider posting guards instead. That’s what they are for…to guard. We have plenty, I’m sure you could fill her room with them. Even a good fighter like Ilayne, would have trouble with a roomful of guards if they tried to sneak into the castle.


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A Letter Regarding the Werewolves

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