A Letter to Her Sister


Mordecai has departed Amber for an undetermined amount of time and in the King’s Absence Edwin, Evangeline and I are trying to tackle some issues and get them resolved. Edwin mentioned that there is a strange swamp that has recently appeared in Arden. I assume that you plan on finding out what is going on, but thought I’d touch base with you incase something else has your attention at the moment. If you would prefer we can send men to investigate. There are some men of Amber available as well as some hunters and trappers from Albion that are available to investigate the matter.

In my last letter to you I mentioned the troubles we were having with the woods near Tintangel if you’ll remember. I am concerned that this could be an extension of that problem as I have had reports that the forest is somehow extending itself throughout shadow. As soon as I get the chance I plan to go explore my forest a bit and see if I can get it back under control. I’m not entirely sure what I will find within the woods, but I’m sure there will be all manner of nasty creatures.

I have got to run. Evangeline and Edwin are going to join me for more discussions over lunch so we can move onto the next problem…

Let me know if you’d like me to send some men to investigate Arden or if you and dad’s rangers have it covered.


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A Letter to Her Sister

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