The city of Bright is built around a Pattern that was inscribed by Corwin. It appears to be located in another universe that can be reached by walking the original pattern inscribed by pattern that is near Chaos. The city of Bright is ruled by Dworkin and his allies.

The city of Bright is named such because when the sun hits its silver roofs the reflection can be near blinding. The city itself is built straddling a great river which carries trade along a variety of tributaries that wind through shadow. The pattern of Bright is located in a great garden called the Rose Maze, which is heavily guarded.

The city has a sort of renaissance or Victorian feel to it, as opposed to the medieval feel of Amber. The city uses steam engines to power a variety of machinery, greatly improving efficiency.

Dworkin and Bennedict have long been at war with Eric and Random, who once attempted to wrest the throne from Dworkin.



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