Character Creation

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Shades of Amber will be run on a variation of the Amber Diceless RPG. Conflict will be settled by comparing attributes and situational modifiers, dice will only be used at the GM’s discretion, and never to settle a conflict.

Characters created after the beginning of the game must work with the GM to find a background suitable for the current setting.

The driving force to your character is of course their background. This should include a summary of the world they are from, as well as their life in that shadow, and a physical description. Backgrounds should be edited and in paragraph form, not bulleted lists or other silliness. While writing the background the character should consider how the world may have changed in the one to three hundred years the character has lived there, and what sort of experiences the character had while living in this world.

There will be five attributes, psyche, strength, endurance, cunning and warfare, each attribute will govern certain types of conflict in the game. There will be ranks below the starting level including human (-20), Low Adept (-15), Adept( -10) High Adept (-5) and Paragon (0), in a conflict each of these five ranks will automatically defeat any rank worth less points than it. There will be an attribute auction, bidding for the highest rank in any attribute. Players will begin the game with 65 points to bid in the auction, the minimum starting bid is 5 points.

Points may also be spent on powers, which will range from ten points and higher dependent upon the power. Some available powers are listed below.

Sight (10)- Your character often has dreams of the future, warnings of danger that have saved their life before. They often have runes, or dice or cards which they may consult to attempt to gain answers to questions.

Will (10)- Many times things occur just because your character desires them. It doesn’t rain because they don’t wish it to, the door to a building is by chance unlocked, when they reach into a pocket money is found.

Telepathy (10) Some characters may be able to communicate with just their mind to nearby people. Often they can also send emotions through this, causing the target to feel fear.

Rapid Healing (15) The character always recovers more quickly than expected. Injuries heal cleanly, not even leaving a scar. The character’s wounds close preventing bleeding, often in mere minutes of rest.

Sorcery (20) The character knows words that when imbued with power cause events to happen.
These spells must be cast in advance, with key words left to complete the spell, these spells must be hung on something of power. Character’s with this ability learned early on that their necklace could serve this purpose. Effects done through sorcery typically involve changing the way something appears or feels, or its location and how its traveling. Actually changing something is much more difficult and it is impossible to create something from nothing.

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Character Creation

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