Days Gone By

The last stretch of time has gone by far too quickly, as time often does when one finds themselves at ease. The more I try to hold onto it, the more swiftly it slips through my fingers.

Fifteen months, they say have passed in Amber. It has been nearly five years total for me. And I cannot say I did not enjoy it, for that would be a complete lie. And really, I’ve never been one much for lying. Unnecessary, really.

Six months in Rebma, with my father, brother and my darling little sister. She is beautiful, as is her mother. If I were to say handsome like her father, I might find myself cuffed upside the head, a justly deserved punishment of course. And most certainly, I would not dare call my father beautiful, though he might get a good laugh from it.

Still, I hear peoples’ whisperings about my entrance here. I doubt I shall ever outlive the rampant rumor-mongering of city folk. This one is sure to continue throughout generations. I mean, how often, really, does a lady of Amber descend into Rebma’s main concourse completely nude? Especially after being a giant octopus only a few moments before hand.

Whatever the case, Taim has gotten himself plenty of amusement from it. And a good fist fight, that one night in the tavern.

And here, in Tintangle, I find myself missing Rebma’s currents. The greenery here is lovely, however, and Morgana and Tamiina have been most gracious in letting me spend time with them. Four years, and I find myself almost thinking of it as home. I am welcome here, and that in itself is a comfort. And Liam, the boy, is nearing the age to become a Knight’s squire. He has grown so much already. A tough young thing, quick as a whip as well.

No place will ever replace the memories I had in Jydant… But Tintangle, and Rebma are quickly becoming my homes away from home.

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Days Gone By

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