How long had he remained hidden from us? There were hundreds of letters piled in that inn. Perhaps even a thousand, but to take the time to count would have been far too tedious and time consuming. What matters now is that our eleventh Havenite has arrived. And that there are other forces beyond just the curiosity of a lone Chaosite interfering with my family.

‘I didn’t find that one.’ She said, eyes watching the faces of her cousins.

I felt her words stab, digging a sharp point into my chest. My anger flared, but for a moment and I did not turn my gaze upon her.

‘Lucky for him then, isn’t it?’ I snapped back, still eying the mangled door.

There were some almost stifled chuckles, I think. It made me feel a bit better, for the moment, and I ignored the flash of anger, focusing my attention upon the door that stood before us.

According to Grayson, that place was not of his world. Not anything like what he had left behind in order to find his destiny. And I believe that if it was truly Naomi’s doing, she would not keep it secret. She makes no effort to be subtle about her destruction of my home, and I doubt that that would change, even if everyone was not already aware.

But that is besides the point.

Someone is fucking with my family, even still. And perhaps I am alone in my curiosity, but I should very much like to find out who. I will not let what happened to me, happen to another one of my cousins. Naomi excluded.

Poetic justice is a beautiful thing, I feel.

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