Atop the hilltop, a wavering purple symbol was etched into a circular broad stone. The lines on it were drawn in accordance with the pattern in amber, and the air buzzed as we neared, causing my skin to tingle. Twelve great stones of varying shapes surrounded the pattern, looming above it. These stones were carved with what appeared to be white, or silver runes, covering them in arcane text from top to bottom. Was this a pattern? We wondered…, but only one elected to step upon it.

And that was Scarlett, from the moment she began walking the dissimilarities became apparent. The lines of the pattern seemed to move, flowing about in a tangled knot. The runes on the twelve standing stones began to light up as she walked, and I could not help but think that this was no construct of order, but rather an attempt to constrain chaos…
Ivy in The Silver Tree

To define Gossamer is extremely difficult. It is a wild power, that comes both from the will of the user, and the lines of power that spread throughout the universe (what sorcerer’s call ley lines). It is a power of dreams, illusions and mystery. Those with Gossamer have the ability to move between what Amberites call shadows, along the lines of magic that connect them. Gossamer is most strong near Ley lines or other source of Fae power.

Gossamer Imprint (20 Points)

Deep within the Wood known as Solace lies a pattern like construct. While Gossamer is a fae power, it seems that someone created a way to harness it for one with the blood of Amber (or at least the courage to walk it).

Sense Ley Lines
The character now has the ability to sense the location of Ley lines within a shadow, and to locate the Nexus, the location where either multiple Lines cross or the line is most closely tied to that shadow.

Travel Faerie Paths
It is possible to travel along a faerie path. While this is not as fast as trump, it does allow for rapid shadow travel. It is not without its dangers however, knowing the correct location to exit the ley line is challenging, and Ley lines tend to attract a variety of mystical effects. In many shadows this also allows for rapid travel between locations within the world.

Minor Glamour

A small item may be made to appear, different than it is, but also the same. Once an item is glamoured, it is difficult to change. It may appear in multiple ways, an example might be a knife, that is also a pouch. The knife is both things at once, it may be used in either fashion, to store or to fight and appear in either way. A glamour contains a bit of the person who made it, so they are rarely shared or left lying about.

Fey use this power to control their own natural glamours. A fey child will either grow up as a fairie, or of whatever race they were raised but they always have a fey form as well. This power allows them to control their fairy form, hiding it or revealing it at will.

Minor Contract
A contract may be made to be binding between two parties. The contract works both ways, requiring both parties to give something. While a contract is often verbally agreed and sealed, that is not always the case. A contract can often be made simply by giving a gift. Breaking a contract garners the breaking party a “curse”. At this level most contracts are essentially just reinforcing a deal.

Gossamer Upgrades

The Gossamer Path is not fully known at this time as few Amberites have access to it.

Major Contracts (15 Points)

Elemental Contract
The fey has a contract with an element, that allows the fey to command that element, and mitigates the damage that element might have on the fey. In exchange the element itself is bolstered by the fey’s presence. A fey must always be respectful of their element, or risk the contract fading.

Example Contracts:

Bestial Contract
The Fey usually have their second contract with some sort of creature. Generally (but not always) the contract is with some sort of wild creature such as wolves or hawks. Many fey are accompanied by a familiar of this type, though some choose not to be. The Fey can call upon those creatures for assistance when in trouble, recruiting a pack of wolves to fight beside them or having their enemies swarmed by a flock of crows.

Major Contract
The Fey may make more meaningful contracts, that when broken result in trouble for the treacherous party. If a major contract is broken the other contracts controlled by that fey turn against the culprit, acting against them for some time. Most Fey’s first major contract is with the spirit of their home, in exchange for power and influence over that location.

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