Histories 6

Delegations and Deception

It seems my kingship has been made official, by Amber standards at least. It’s about damned time.

The meeting with the delegation from House Chanicut went quite well, though, while walking Lord Jenroh back to his quarters after a night of revelry, I was attacked by a woman in white with striking red hair and, somehow, a pair of minions in the guise of Amber’s servants. I do not know who this woman is, or how she was able to infiltrate Amber so easily, but I will track her down. I’ll have to discuss this with Mab.

The woman took all of my trumps but two: Evangeline and Morgana. These, she let me keep. I am curious as to how she came to be inside the walls of Amber. She appeared to not have any Trumps, or she would not have needed mine, and therefore must have walked through shadow to Amber. This would have led her to Arden, from whence she would have had to steal away into the city, and the castle. She must be quite powerful indeed. I am hoping, since she spoke only of Mordecai and left me alive, that we will have no further problems.

Mab, the woman from the tower of the Devourer, spoke of a debt she feels that she owes to me. She also spoke, however, of a bond between Nora and myself. A pet, she called me. I will have Nora’s head for this.

Finally, I have succeeded in convincing Morgana to help me in my resurrection. Nothing stands in my way, now. I must only say the word.

Histories 6

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